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מחפש את שורשי משפחת קורץ מויזניץ בוקובינה kurz
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משפחת קורץ משה ופיגה בנם מאיר לייב שנולד ב1906 בויזניץ היו לו כ12 אחים ואחיות 


    My grandfather Kurz Meier (Leib) was born in wiznith 1906,His mother's name was feige , and his father's name was moishe(mo'zes). Meier had twelve brothers        and   sisters . As far as I know one sister named Papy survived the holocaust and came to Israel . ( During the 70's we lost touch). My grandfather had marrid klara haia to the house of Klinger of storojint born in 1907 , her mother was called Shprina to the house of zomer , her father moishe owned  a little farm on the river bank .She had tow more brothers , Jacob and Zvi Hersh who was murdered in  the Holocaust ,even though he had the permit to stay in strozinich and maintain his job as a blacksmith he chose to be together with his family , he was shot to death along the side way .  My father Moishe (Mo'zes) was born in the year 1940 , they used to live in Noywalld st. in Strozinich . My grandfather worked as a baker , and  grandmother sold milk proclucts in the city of chernovich . During the war they were sent to Breshed  Transiteria and there they were forced to do hard labor in a Concentration Camp . After the war they came back to Strozinich and from there they went to Bucharest there they had met again  following immigration in an illegal immigrantship called: "Pen York and pen Kresent", they had been arrested in the island of Cyprus by the British army , and finally they had reached their final destination Haifa , Israel in 1948 . Meier continued his work as a baker in " Ahdoot Bakery " in Haifa .      Meier Kurz died at 1975 at the age of 69 , Klara (Klinger) kurz diseased in 1992 at the age of  85 .  Written by the grandchild Kurz Zvika now lives in "Nesher " near haifa .P.O. BOX  :14357 Email  Add . Zvikurz18@walla.com


zvi kurz
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