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I wish I could find this book elsewhere for less 'Family Histories and Genealogies. A Series of Genealogical and Biographical Monographs on the Families of MacCurdy, Mitchell, Lord, Lynde, Digby, etc ' I have been looking for it for a while now and I finally found it at this site 'www.ancestralbooks.com' but it is for a whooping $206.09, eventhough this site is offering a free searchable CD with the book, I still don't think that it is worth that much, I will keep lloking, they a few other books that I am interrested in that is affordable like 'Genealogy of the Mac Claughry Family. A Scoto-Irish Family Originally From Galloway. Scotland, Appearing in Ireland About 1600, and Emigrants to New ' this is for only $50.09. They have great rare books but a little expensive and their free searchable CD promotion is not bad either.
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