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exporting GEDCOM
Sean Atkisson
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I absolutely love the research benefits that I am receiving from My Heritage. I commend them for what they have been able to put together. I'm sure there is just a box that I am not checking, but when I import a GEDCOM that has been created by my entries into PAF, all of the fields seem to show up just fine with the exception of the LDS ordinance fields. The problem occurs when I do my research and it is automatically merged, I want to be able to export a GEDCOM that has all of my fields for PAF including the LDS ordinances and the family search ID number (very important!). Could someone please help me with this dilemma or even if you tell me that it is not possible, I will find a way to work around it. The program is quite robust though and I believe that it should be able to pull in the LDS ordinances and family search number and place them in a protected area so that only allowed to members and guests can view them. Thank you in advance for your kind help. Sincerely, John
Sean Atkisson
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