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James Coulter, b. circa 1800 in North Carolina
Cynthia Young
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 I was wondering if anyone could help me locate verification of James Coulter, husband of Susanna Ball, father of Mahala Coulter born about 1820 in Tennessee.


Mahala is my great-great grandmother, her husband was Warren Houston of Greene Tennessee.

 Susanna Ball was born either in Virginia (probably) or Albania, (unlikely) around 1799.

 It is a possibility that James father was John Coulter of North Carolina, his mother's name might have been Horton.

 I have found alot of info. on Susanna Ball's ancestors, however, I cannot verify any of James Coulter's information.

Please answer this if you know any more about James Coulter.

 Thank you very much,

Cynthia Young




Cynthia Young
Long Beach, CA
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