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SmartMatch Merge
Robert Bruce McDonald
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MyHeritage Blog says: "SmartMatch Merge compares your tree with all the trees in the MyHeritage database. This is open to everybody. This premium feature provides the ability to merge with one click - when you compare your tree and one with a match."

 I get notifications of "Smart Matches" all the time, and I check them out, but have never seen such a thing to "merge" entries on people I identify as a match.  I have a "Premium" subscription.  Where is the Merge feature for Smart Matches? 

It's also apparently impossible to see "Notes and Sources" for people on the matching screen, to see if there is anything worth merging for.  There really should be a link to notes and sources, directly from the Tree, not only for people in the matchup screen but in my own Tree.  

Robert Bruce McDonald
Lakewood, CO
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