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McTaggart Missing pieces
Andrew McTaggart
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Hi There

I am after some help on some missing pieces I have. Please let me know if you can help

  •  In 1810 Elizabeth McTaggart aged 55 died. She was married. She lived and was burried in Palnakie Brae Scotland. Who was she and how was she releted.
  • in 16 September 1828 John McTaggart Married Jessie Kirkpatric (scotland). Which john is this?
  • In 1881Margaret McTaggart a widow aged 67 Lived with Harriet McTaggart her daughter.She also lived with Johann Mctaggart aged 7 her granddaughter born in buittle, and Thomas McTaggart aged 1 born in Buittle also. How was Thomas and Johann related to Margaret and were they children of Harriet?
  • I would like to know who Ebenezer McTaggart and Lydia Adamson (Married) parents were and if they had any brothers and sisters.
Andrew McTaggart
New Zealand
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