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MacArthur Cromore Isle of Lewis Scotland
sheena macarthur
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Hello Everyone


I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me I have just started to trace my Paternal Family.   Does any one know of the family of John MacArthur born 1750 in Cromore Isle of Lewis Scotland married to Margaret (Peggy) Smith born 1750 Cromore Isle of Lewis Scotland.

They had children

Catherine   born 1789

Angus Ban Born 1790

Barabal born 1799

Margaret born 1800

Murdo born 1803 - 1877

All the children were born in Cromore.


Many thanks any little information will be a great help I really don't know where to start.


Sheena down under in New Zealand

sheena macarthur
Wellington, New Zealand
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RE: MacArthur Cromore Isle of Lewis Scotland
Anne Silversides
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Just came across this.  If you are still interested in pursuing this I may be able to help. 


Anne Silversides
Great Britain
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