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adoption records
Linda Edsall
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My husband has been told that he was adopted.  I was able to locate a birth certificate from the county in the name he grew up with.  It shows the parents that raised him as his birth parents.  Before his mother died, she told him that she was not his birth mother, and that she got him from a foundling home after he was taken from his birth parents.  We live in Nevada, his birth certificate states he was born in Nevada, does anyone know if birth certificates are changed at adoption?

My husband is 59, so it is safe to say that all involved in this adoption are no longer living, the foundling home has been closed for years.

Where should I start looking for records?

This discussion with him started when I started my family tree, he wants his leaf to be true.

Any suggestions on how to start this search will be appreciated.



Linda Edsall
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RE: adoption records
Alice Allen
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Hello, Linda.

Yes, historically, birth certificates of adoptees are changed or "amended."

The original document (OBC) and the adoption records themselves were usually "sealed" and unavailable without a court order.

That being said, many states now allow adult adoptees some access to their records. Some states also maintain "mutual consent" registries.

Start here, assuming your husband's adoption was finalized in Nevada: http://www.dcfs.state.nv.us/DCFS_Guide_ReunionRegistry.htm 

Best wishes!

Alice Allen
Charlotte, NC
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