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finding my grandad
sharon waller
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can anyone help me please i have been searching for my grandad now for 35 years his name is david henry ernest waller he was born 20/09/1910 in london his wife was maried louise wynn he had 2 sons david waller and roy douglas charles waller thank you
sharon waller
United Kingdom
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RE: finding my grandad
Terry Chisholm
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Hi Sharon I did a quick check and all I could find was

David Waller = Marie L. Wynn 1936 1/4 Woolwich, Kent


   1) David H.E. Waller 1937 1/4 Woolwich, London

   2) Roy D. C. Waller 1938 1/4 Woolwich, London

Do you have the marriage certificate for David and Marie/Louise ??

If not it would be worth getting to find out the parents names and if possible their trades...also through different libraries there are what are called 'city directories'.

These were published annually like our phone books but they listed family names, with address and occupation and are a great way to follow someone year by year...

Sorry I couldn't be of more help...best of luck




Terry Chisholm
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