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Looking For Emma and Ann Pool
Darshonia Allen
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Hello all,

I a looking for my ggg-grandmother Ann Pool (I don't know her maiden name) and her daughter Emma.  All I kow about Ann is she was Irish and she and her husband migrateded to America some time after the 1860s.  I was told that she had a daughter (my gg-grandmother) Emma.  I'm not sure if Emma ws born  in the States or in Ireland.  I do know that she run away with a slave name Floyd Hargraves (my gg-grandfather) while he was on the Childs's Plantation.  I heard that he and Emma become bank robbers to survive.  I haven't found any documents on it though.  Somewhere throgh the years they ended up in Arkansas and were married on Dec 7, 1899. They had a few kids later, Floyd Jr. and Doyle.  There may be more, but I don't know just yet, there are stories saying there were 10 or 11 kids between them.  If any one have any info please let me know.  I want to know who I am and where I come from. 

Darshonia Allen
Fort Wainwright, AK
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