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Kaszas / Kemenesi / Rappay / Magyar / Farkas / Varga / Torok / Sopar / Spencer / Jankovics
George Kaszas
- Tutup


I am building our family tree. The Kaszas branch is mine - and unfortunately, the one with the least amount of available information. My father's family originates from Yugoslavia in the Norodnog Fronta and I've lost contact with everyone on that side of my family. If anyone has a suggestion on how I can find more information by pointing my in the right direction or providing me with a site specific to marriage and death certificates in old Yugoslavia, it would be a great help. I am also looking to fill in the gaps in the larger branches of my family tree - specifically, the Kemenesi / Rappay / Magyar branches.

I also have family roots in Budapest, Seregelyes, Szekesfehervar. Looking to fill in some missing info. Currently, have oldest roots dating back to 1841 with missing death dates. Can anyone help expand any of the family root names noted above? Help is appreciated!

Please feel free to email me with your suggestions or tips. I've exhausted my options with the limited knowledge I have of geneology research.



George Kaszas
Guelph, Canada
- Jawab