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Genealogists' resources
Ashley Mattingly
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I am interested in learning more about how genealogists begin their research.  More specifically:  What are your top five favorite resources/places to turn to for information?

 Thank you!

Ashley Mattingly
Edwardsville, IL
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RE: Genealogists' resources
Terry Chisholm
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Hi, what you have to be careful of with research sites is the cost balanced against the benefit you will get...

Best sites will be

when you go into this one under their search tab if you follow pilot project it will take you to a second site which is also good.

all message boards...all you need is a valid email address and a password

they will be at      rootsweb

check out genealogy blogs....

Eastmans is great so is Bob's your uncle

At local libraries most of them have access to at no charge

Family History Centres run by the Mormon Church will also have access to partner company they do research with...again no to all people the above mention family is their home site..

There are new sites on the web weekly so it is hard to keep up with them all

oopppsss sorry almost forgot and this one is good...Cyndi's list

best of luck,  Terry


Terry Chisholm
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