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Information on the Tracy family
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Hi to you all,

I found a website that sells family history books and what makes it unique is that with each book comes a free searchable CD, no other site offer this kind of deal.

They have those books that I have been searching for a long time.

 Genealogy of the Family of Lt. Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, Connecticut: Compiled From the Genealogical Works of the Hydes and Tracys by Chancellor - by Abbey, Matilda O. & Reuben Hyde Walworth Milwaukee, WI , 1889 

Lineage of the Tracy Family. With Notes of the Lord, Garrett, Russell, and other Intermarrying Families - by Mason, Puella F. Hull n/a , 1895 

Recently Discovered English Ancestors of Governor William Tracy of Virginia - by Tracy, Dwight New Haven, CT , 1908 

The Ancestors of Lieutenant Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Connecticut - by Ripley, Charles Stedman Boston, MA , 1895 

The Tracy Genealogy: Being Some of the Descendants of Stephen Tracy - by Tracy, Sherman W. Rutland, VT , 1936 

Tracy Genealogy. Ancestors and Descendants of Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Conn., 1660 - by Tracy, Evert E. Albany, NY , 1898 

Tracy Genealogy. Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Tracy of Lennox, Massachusetts - by Liston-Griswold, Mattie Albany, NY , 1900 


The website address is:


Check it out, it is worth it.

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Waxhaw, NC
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RE: Information on the Tracy family
Maggie McTaggart
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WARNING!   This guy has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.  He is such a notorious spammer on Rootsweb that Legacy kicked him out of their affiliate program -- and then he refused to remove their banner from his site!

Do you really want to trust your money to someone so dishonorable?


(BTW, he didn't "find" anything, this is his own website he's advertising.  Just another example of his dishonesty.)

Maggie McTaggart
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