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Inforamtion on the Thayer family
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Hi to you all,

I found a website that sells family history books and what makes it unique is that with each book comes a free searchable CD, no other site offer this kind of deal.

They have those books that I have been searching for a long time.

 Ancestors of Adelbert P. Thayer, Florinee Thayer McCray and George Burton Thayer, Children of John W. Thayer and Adaline Burton - by Thaye, George B Hartford, CT , 1894 

Family Memorial. Part 1. Genealogy of Fourteen Families of the Early Settlers of New England - by Thayer, Elisha Hingham, MA , 1935 

Genealogy of the Descendants of William Turpin Thayer of Bellingham - by Thayer Ojeda, Luis Valparaiso, Chile , 1933 

Memorial of the Thayer Name from the Massachusetts Colony of Weymouth and Braintree Embracing Genealogical and Biographical… - by Thayer, Bezaleel Oswego, NY , 1874 

Some Notes and Corrections Referring to Thayer Genealogy, According to the Researches of Walter W. Thayer, Esq - by Thayer, Ojeda Luis Valparaiso, Chile , 1937 

Thayer Ancestry: Supplement to the "Family Memorial of the Early Settlers of New England "in the Line of Col. Abraham Thayer, His Ancestors and Descen - by Pitkin, Albert Hastings Hartford, CT , 1890 

The Thayer Family of Brockeworth: According to the Researches of Rev. Canon William Bazcley [sic] - by Thayer, Ojeda Luis & William Bazley Santiago, Chile , 1907 

The Thayer Family of Thornbury. A Study Trying its Reconstitution - by Ojeda, Luis Tomas n/a , 1907 


The website address is:


Check it out, it is worth it.

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