Dare to sing

Win a VIP Package to Eurovision!

Record a group video with your favorite Eurovision tunes for a chance to win:

  • VIP tickets to the Eurovision Final
  • Round trip airfare to Tel Aviv
  • Full board, 5-star accommodation

And the winner is:

The competition is now closed.

Thanks for participating.
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The Top 10 Finalists are: Jakub Borowiec, Georgiana Joannou, Marc Mingles, Ozak Aro, Eduard Perisé, Ed Curie, James C, George Gourgi, Sari De Nier, Jordan Vande Veken
In appreciation of their creativity and effort, we've decided to grant all finalists (each group member) a free, limited-edition Eurovision DNA kit!

Share your video and invite family and friends to vote!

Share your video

Video must be recorded in a parked car and all participants (up to 5 people) must be visible

Share your video

Video entries should not exceed 3 minutes

Share your video

The song must be an entry from any past or current Eurovision Song Contest

Share your video

Background music and lip syncing are allowed, but at least one person must sing and have their voice audible

How to enter
How to enter

How to enter

  1. Record your video
  2. Upload your video to YouTube or Facebook, and include the following text in your post: #MyHeritage asked if I #DareToSing for a chance to win an all-inclusive group trip to #Eurovision in Tel Aviv! Check it out: myheritage.com/eurovision/DaretoSing
  3. Set the privacy of the post to public
  4. Complete the Registration Form on this page and accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Select your video post from YouTube or Facebook


When does the “Dare to Sing” competition open and when does it close?
The competition opens on Monday, 8 April at 12:00 P.M. GMT and closes on Sunday, 28 April Wednesday, May 1st (extended!) at 20:00 P.M. GMT.
Can people from any country enter the competition?
Does it cost money to participate?
What should be the opening frame of my video?
Does the car have to be parked throughout the filming?
Is there a minimum age requirement?
How many people should be in a group?
Can we sing non-Eurovision songs in our video?
Can I appear in more than one video?
Do all group members need to register online?
What will happen after I upload my video?
Should I upload my video entry on Facebook AND on YouTube?
Why can’t I see my video, even though I’ve uploaded it and finished registration?
How long can my video be?
Where will the winning group members stay in Tel Aviv?
How will the winning video be selected?
When will the winning video be announced?
What type of tickets will the winners receive to the Eurovision Final?
Can I upload videos filmed inside or outside the MyHeritage Eurovision Bus?
Should all group members sing the same song, or can they sing different songs?
Should we sing the whole song/s, or just a part of it/them?
I have tried numerous times to upload my video to YouTube, but haven’t succeeded. I attempted to do it from several desktop devices, and it still doesn’t work. I also can’t upload via the Facebook option because I do not have a Facebook account. What should I do?
Is it also possible to create a medley or mashup instead of performing just one song?

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