Verka, Eleni, and Emmelie de Forest Discover Their Ethnic Roots

Ahead of Eurovision 2019, three Eurovision legends took a MyHeritage DNA test to learn more about their roots: Verka Serduchka, the alter ego of Andriy Danylko, who achieve 2nd place in Eurovision 2007 for Ukraine with “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”; Eleni Foureira, who placed 2nd for Cyprus in 2018 with “Fuego”; and Emmelie de Forest, who won Eurovision 2013 for Denmark with “Only Teardrops.”

Watch their full family history and DNA reveals here!

Emmelie was astonished to learn that she is 44.4% North and West European and only 38.2% Scandinavian. She is also 12.2% Balkan, and 5.2% Ashkenazi Jewish! We showed her a picture of her great-grandfather, Frans Henry Engström; she knew that he was a famous photographer, but not that he directed Finland’s first feature film! You can read more about Emmelie’s family history here.

When Eleni learned that she is 68.9% Greek and South Italian, she said she might cry. “I’m not Greek, I just grew up [there],” she said. “But I feel Greek, because I have the same mentality.” She is also 29.8% Balkan, and 1.3% Ashkenazi Jewish.

“Sister!” she exclaimed to Emmelie.

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Verka learned that she is 54.9% Baltic, 41.2% Balkan, and only 3.9% Eastern European. “3% Ukranian?!” She turned to her Mama to demand an explanation, but that explanation was not forthcoming!

We also revealed that an ancestor of Verka’s was a World War II war hero and received a medal of honor. You can learn more about Verka’s war hero ancestors here.

“A star has no nationality,” Verka concluded in a rare moment of seriousness.

Eleni agreed: “We are all one big family.”