The Diverse Ethnic Background of Bosnian Eurovision Star & National Anthem Lyricist, Dino Merlin

Dino Merlin represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in three Eurovision Song Contests: he wrote the music and co-authored the lyrics for “Sva Bol Svijeta” (The Heartache of the World, 1993) in Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first ever entry in the Eurovision Song Contest! Dino again represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1999 in Israel with his song “Putnici” (Travellers), featuring Beatrice Poulot. His third Eurovision entry, “Love in Rewind”, came 6th in 2011 in Germany, which is the country’s second best result in the history of its participation in the contest.

Born Edin Dervišhalidović in Sarajevo, Dino pursued a career in music against his mother’s wishes. In 1983 he established the pop-rock band Merlin, for which he wrote both music and lyrics as well as being the band’s lead vocalist. He started his solo career in 1991 under the stage name Dino Merlin. He is the author of the lyrics for the first official national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Jedna si jedina” (“Our One and Only”), which was the official national anthem until 1998.

Ever since his 1999 Eurovision performance in Jerusalem, Dino has penned some of the best selling records in Southeast Europe. His last world tour, Hotel Nacional, which started after his last Eurovision entry “Love in rewind” in 2011 was attended by close to a million people worldwide!

As a representative of the Bosnian people, it’s no surprise that Dino is 78.1% Balkan, but the remaining 21.9% constitutes quite an eclectic mix of ethnicities: he’s 12.5% East European, 4.1% Central Asian, 2.8% West Asian, 1.4% Baltic, and 1.1% Iberian!

Dino Merlin’s MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate
Dino Merlin’s MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate