Sarah McTernan Discovers Surprising Ethnicities in Her DNA Results

Ireland’s contestant for Eurovision 2019, Sarah McTernan, is 94.4% Irish, Scottish and Welsh, as well as 2.9% Balkan, and 2.7% West Asian!

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How does Sarah feel about her results? “ I feel really enlightened; it’s so amazing to think my roots are somewhat Balkan and west Asian!” she says. “Never thought that would the case, but it’s amazing. It was a great surprise!”

We also found a whopping 8,886 DNA matches in our records, over 7,000 of whom share her Irish, Scottish and Welsh ethnicity. She has over 4,400 relatives in the US alone, and many more from the UK, Ireland and Australia. Sarah’s closest match is Geraldine from Ireland, who shares 2.3% of Sarah’s DNA, making her a first or second cousin once removed – and Geraldine’s MyHeritage family tree comprises 452 people!