Michela Pace’s DNA Results Match Her Song, “Chameleon”

The heritage of this year’s Eurovision contestant for Malta, Michela Pace, perfectly fits the themes of her competing song, “Chameleon.” She is 28.2% Italian, 28% Greek and South Italian, 14.5% Sephardic Jewish – North African, 13.6% Sardinian… wait, we’re not done yet… 6% North African, 4.3% West Asian, 3.7% Middle Eastern, and 1.7% Nigerian! Quite the ethnic “chameleon”!

We found more than 450 of Michela’s relatives in our records, from 21 different countries. The closest match we found was a 1st cousin once removed from Australia, who shares 4.5% of Michela’s DNA.

“This is an impressive tool,” says Michela. “I never knew that I had Greek, Sardinian and North African roots, so all this was a first for me.”

How does she feel about the discovery? “Extremely surprised to say the very least!”