Joci Pápai’s Fascinating MyHeritage DNA Results

József (“Joci”) Pápai, this year’s Eurovision contestant for Hungary, is of Romani descent, and his DNA certainly tells a fascinating story: he is 33.5% South Asian (where the Romanies are believed to have their origins), 29.9% Greek and South Italian, 11% Baltic, 11.5% Sardinian, 4.9% Iberian, 3.9% Middle Eastern, 3.6% East European, and 0.8% Eskimo/Inuit! In his deeply moving song, “Az én Apam” (“My Father”), Joci sings about his love for his father and the echoes of his father’s memory; surely Joci’s father, and the spirits of their ancestors from so many places all across the globe, would be very proud.

Through his DNA Matches, Joci has 1,397 relatives from over 30 countries.