Izhar Cohen’s Eclectic Mix

In 1978, Izhar Cohen brought the first-ever Eurovision victory to his home country of Israel with his catchy number “A-Ba-Ni-Bi” — sung entirely in Hebrew. Aside from providing Israel with its first opportunity to host Eurovision, the song went on to become an international sensation.

Izhar was born into a family of singers. He started singing when he was just a child, often joining his father on stage. When he turned 18, he joined the military choir and gained popularity as a singer in his own right.

MyHeritage DNA Results

Izhar Cohen's MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate
Izhar Cohen’s MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate

Izhar’s DNA results reflect his eclectic musical influences. In addition to being 80.3% Yemenite Jewish, he is also 9.7% North African, 4.7% Middle Eastern, 3.3% Italian, 1.1% West Asian, and 0.9% Nigerian.