D mol’s DNA Results Prove Eurovision is One Big Family!

D Mol (“D Minor”) will be representing Montenegro in this year’s Eurovision with “Heaven.” The 6-member vocal group was formed at the private music school of Daniel Alibabic, a former member of No Name, which represented Montenegro in Eurovision 2005. Four of them took a DNA test to learn more about their heritage, and here’s what we found:

Mirela Ljumić

Mirela Ljumić from Podgorica (Montenegro’s capital) is 53.7% Balkan, 34.7% Greek and South Italian, 10.6% Iberian, and 1% Middle Eastern! We found 990 relatives of Mirela’s in our records from 36 countries all over the world.

It turns out as well that Mirela is distantly related to her fellow band member, Rizo!

Rizo Feratović

Rizo Feratović from Dragaš, Kosovo, is 54.2% Balkan, 43.3% Greek and South Italian, 1.6% Scandinavian, and 0.9% Ashkenazi Jewish! We found 995 of Rizo’s relatives in our records, from more than 40 countries across the globe. His closest match was from the USA, and shares 1.4% of Rizo’s DNA, making her a 2nd or 3rd cousin once removed.

As mentioned earlier, Rizo is distantly related to Mirela; it turns out, he’s also related to Tamara Todevska, this year’s contestant from North Macedonia!

Ivana Obradović

Ivana Obradović, from Bijelo Polje in northeastern Montenegro, is 72.8% Balkan, 25.6% Greek and Southern Italian, and 1.6% Finnish! We found 1018 DNA matches from more than 40 countries, mostly from the USA and Europe, but also from places like Singapore, Egypt and Qatar. Her closest match was from the USA, who shares 0.9% of her DNA, making Sava a 3rd, 4th, or 5th cousin of Ivana’s.

We also discovered that Ivana is distantly related to Bulgarian Eurovision legend Poli Genova!

Emel Franca

Emel Franca, also from Bijelo Polje, is 86.2% Balkan, 8.8% Greek and South Italian, 2.8% Scandinavian, and 2.2% Middle Eastern! Emel has 1,418 relatives listed on MyHeritage from more than 40 countries from Venezuela to Iceland to Laos.