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One Big Family is more than just a slogan, it’s why we do what we do. As the leading global service for genealogy and DNA testing, MyHeritage is all about family. Our cutting-edge technology takes you on a journey into the past and helps you build your family tree by searching millions of family trees. You’ll also reveal incredible new details about your ancestors as you explore our database of 9.6 billion historical records.
MyHeritage is excited to be involved in Eurovision 2019 and show fans around the world that, while we are all unique, we are also more similar and connected than we think.
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Our powerful family history research platform and automatic matching technologies help you trace your family history.
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Reveal your unique ethnic origins and find relatives you may never have known through shared DNA.
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Our test consists of a simple cheek swab DNA sample — no blood or spit — that you can collect from the comfort of your home.
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Using our cutting-edge matching technologies for historical records, family trees, and DNA, we've helped people around the world learn about the lives of their ancestors, uncover their ethnic origins, and connect with family members around the globe.