1851 Betsy Pascoe – 1851, Morwenstow, Cornwall

Jennifer Jones
Garsington1860-1922 church lych gateGarsington1902 view down the road from the school Three Horseshoes I further along on rightGarsington The Three Horseshoes
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1851 William & Mary(Whitehorn) Druce Census
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1851 Betsy Pascoe
1851 Census Clarisse B(Georgiana) & family
1852 143 Drury Lane coffee House 'Kellys' (information)
1861 Census Druce Family
1861 Census John R & Clarisse Browning
1861 Census Cherry Family

Elizabeth Bettsy (Betsy) "(Unknown) Betsy" Pascoe (born Johns)
James Pascoe
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