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Uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with our simple DNA test.
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Your DNA reveals your unique heritage — the ethnic groups and geographic regions you originate from.
Find new relatives you never knew existed through your shared DNA.
Life-changing discoveries are a few simple steps away
Locked inside your DNA is your unique ethnic makeup, the history of your ancestors, and a web of close and distant relatives waiting to be found. With a quick swab of your cheek, the test determines your ethnic origins and finds your relatives.
1. Order your DNA kit online
2. Send back your sample
3. Your DNA is analyzed in our lab Watch DNA lab video
4. View your results online in 3-4 weeks
Reveal your ethnic origins
Discover the places your ancestors called home.
You'll get a breakdown of which portions of your DNA come from different global populations. You might discover roots in unexpected places.
Connect with newfound family
We search for people whose DNA match yours: your relatives. You can connect with your relatives to learn more about your family and discover shared ancestors.

Already taken a DNA test? Upload existing DNA results.

MyHeritage has the largest international network of family trees. Make the most of your DNA test by building your family tree and exploring your new family connections with our advanced research tools.
Your privacy is protected
Your privacy is extremely important.
We have made significant investments to ensure your account and personal details are secured and protected by multiple layers of encryption. All testing is done in our world-leading CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory in the United States.
MyHeritage DNA explained
How do I collect my DNA sample?
Collecting your DNA sample involves a simple cheek swab and can easily be accomplished in two minutes or less. You will receive detailed instructions for sample collection along with your DNA test kit. You may also view our instructional video that shows the process.
What type of sample will I need to provide?
The MyHeritage DNA test kit is simple to use and doesn’t involve taking blood or spitting. To collect your sample, you’ll simply scrape the inside of your cheeks with a small swab for about 30 seconds, and repeat this with a second swab for backup. The swabs are then placed into vials and mailed to our DNA lab for analysis. Results are made available for you to view securely on the MyHeritage website.
What can I learn from a DNA test that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to know?
With MyHeritage DNA, you may discover relatives you did not previously know about, who share DNA segments with you inherited from the same common ancestor. You will uncover the ethnic and geographic origins of your ancestors — which may include some surprises.
What are the benefits of testing other family members?
Each of your family members carries unique pieces of DNA that can together unlock your family’s story. Testing one or both of your parents will allow you to obtain additional information about your own DNA Matches. For example, you’ll be able to find whether each match is paternal or maternal. You will also discover additional relatives through matching to 100% of each of their DNA (instead of only the 50% you have inherited). Testing siblings, cousins and other relatives is also very useful for discovering more relatives and for learning more about your own matches. Because genetic inheritance is random, your siblings may get different ethnicity results than yours, and it is fascinating and fun to compare your results.
What if I have already taken a DNA test? Will the MyHeritage test offer me new information?
Yes. Testing your DNA with MyHeritage offers significant benefits even if you have already taken a DNA test elsewhere. You will be able to get unique matches to users who have only tested with MyHeritage, as well as matches with users who uploaded their results to MyHeritage from other providers. Thanks to MyHeritage’s availability in more than 40 languages and wide international reach, you will have better chances of being matched with relatives who live in other countries. You will also receive a comprehensive ethnicity analysis on MyHeritage that may reveal new information.
How long will it take to get results?
Once your kit arrives at our lab, it will take about 3–4 weeks for the results to be ready. Once results are available, we will notify you by email and the results will be accessible to you online.
What is the connection between DNA and family trees?
DNA and family trees complement each other. DNA can be used to prove or disprove documented family tree connections. For example, if there is another person with your surname, or a family tree owner with whom you have a Smart Match™, you can both test on MyHeritage DNA to find out if you are indeed related. Conversely, family trees are invaluable for understanding the relationship path to DNA matches. Creating a family tree is recommended for anyone taking a DNA test, in order to make the most of the DNA results and to uncover the full story behind them. MyHeritage provides excellent tools for creating a family tree, and 8 billion historical records that make it fun and easy to expand it.
How will you analyse and process my DNA sample?
The MyHeritage DNA test uses microarray-based autosomal DNA testing. This test provides the raw data that helps us calculate your DNA matches and ethnicity analysis from all ancestral lines, both paternal and maternal.