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Watson, Watt, Watts
The Watts Project currently contains members from nine different major Watts lineages, some smaller matches and a number of individuals who don't yet match to anyone else. Some Watts families have ties to lineage with Watt or Watson as the surname.
***************************** In memory of Duane Watts, the original Project Administrator and creator, and his wife, Jeannette. ***************************** ***************************** Recently, researchers led by Dr. Hammer, Family Tree DNA's Chief Scientist,published the newly updated Y chromosome haplogroup tree in Genome Research. We have revised this site to match the new tree. Read more: http://www.familytreedna.com/hap_nomenclature.html *****************************
The Project collects chromosome testing of Y-DNA from Watts and Watt/Watson related males in an attempt to discover biological links where the genealogy paper trail has been lost in the mists of time.

The Project enables researchers to discover biologically related families and thereby narrow the focus of their research, determine collateral families, common given names and, eventually, actually reconstruct some long-lost family ties.
We still need a volunteer from several Family Groups to take responsibility for a short description of events in their Family Group. I.e., With the number of Family Groups in our Project, we need many people to keep the Project current. NOTE: If we don't get volunteers, we'll have to institute a draft !! =[;>) GROUP E1b1b1 Contact: Neal Watts - wattsdna@swbell.net Y-DNA tests show that:
  • Thomas Watts, b. abt. 1722, of Kershaw County, SC
  • Thomas Watts, b. 1728 in Chatham County, NC m. Elizabeth (H)Arrington
  • William Watts, b. abt. 1730, Oxfordshire, England
  • John Watts, b 1741, m. Mary Johnson
  • Garrett Z. Watts b 1756 in Caroline County, VA and his brother Henry, b. abt 1760
  • Thomas Watts of Wilkes County, GA
  • Richard Watts b. abt. 1750 of Bedford, Virginia
  • Thomas Watts b. abt. 1763 m. Lavinia Huntley from NC
  • James Watts, b. 1823 in NC
  • Jacob Cope, b. 1824 in Wilkes County, NC
  • Green Berry Watts, b. 1829 in GA
  • James H. Watts, b. 1875 in Alexander County, NC
all share the same DNA and, thus, somewhere a common ancestor. We don't know that common ancestor, nor the relationship between the various Watts lines above, but knowing there is a common ancestor allows us to compare given names (including surnames used as middle names), common collateral families, common geographical locations, family lore and other elements that may give a clue to their relationships. Currently, research indicates some of this family migrated west from James City and others moved north along the Virginia peninsulas. Caroline County, VA and Charlotte County, VA are areas requiring major research on this Watts Group. GROUP I1 Family #1 Contact: GROUP I1 Family #2 Contact: GROUP I2a Family Contact: GROUP I2b Family Contact: GROUP Q1 Contact: GROUP R1b1 Family #1 Contact: Barbara Van Camp - wattsmfdna@q.com Family Group ancestors include:
  • John J Watts (b-VA, TN, KY & Searcy Co., AR)
  • Josiah Watts (b- VA, Tishomingo Co., MS)
  • William Wythe Watts, (b-TN and Searcy Co., AR)
  • Greenberry Watts (b-VA, lived Hawkins Co, TN)
6/18/04 A descendant of Allen Watts (1801 MD; Knox County, OH) matches the John/Josiah/William Wythe Watts lines of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Searcy County, Arkansas. Allen Watts (b-1801 MD, lived in Knox Co., OH). 1/26/06 A descendant of Greenberry Watts (b1790 VA, lived Hawkins County, TN) is also matched to Allen/John/Josiah/William Wythe Watts GROUP R1b1 Family #2 Contact: :Judy Spaulding - wattsdna@gmail.com 16 Y-DNA kits connect Watts/Watson family groups. Research indicates these families migrated by 1830's from North Carolina along the mountains of north Georgia, north Alabama, Tennessee and into Arkansas. Our goal is to learn of our common ancestors while educating others of the advantages of participating in the Y-DNA studies. Earliest known male ancestors include:
  • John Watts (1785 NC- aft 1850 Blount Co Alabama), then Blount/Winston & Cullman Co, Alabama. (Children: John C., Rufus Ellis, Samuel Johnson, Survantus, Levi-1829, Martha-1821, Annie Melissa, Ervin P., and Jacob V. Watts-1836)
  • David Watts of NC, lived 1830-40 Lumpkin County, GA, still there on 1855 Tax Digest (Two known sons: Levi, b. 1812 Buncombe Co, NC and Jacob-1814). Prob brother Andrew (1799 NC, wife Barbary) found 1850 Lumpkin, 51 and 1860 in Banks CO, GA
  • Joseph Watts (1807 NC- bef 1880 Morgan CO TN), wife Nancy McEntire, lived Lumpkin, GA; Macon, NC & Scott-Morgan County, TN (Children: Rachel Sallie, Mary Ann, Roseanna Jane, Martha M-1836, William A., Arminda R., Phoebe/Pheby Elmira, Lucinda C., and Daniel Columbus Renaugh Watts)
  • John "Joseph" Watts (1774 NC - 1847 Rabun, GA) , wife Lydia Cargile settled Rabun Co, GA (Children: Pleasant William, Patsy Elizabeth, Catherine, Polly, William Andrew, Sarah Nancy, John Jackson "Jackie", Mary Elizabeth, James Robert, Nancy Lydia, Charles Jacob, and Sapphronia Watts).
  • John Watson (1760 NC -1842 St. Clair, Alabama), wife Mahala Long, settled St. Clair County (now Etowah), Alabama. (Children: Abigail, Eli, Jesse, Levi-1792, Robert, Joseph, Nancy, Martha Lenora-1803, William G.,Ivy, Moses-1806, Rosanna, James, and Wimberly Frederick)
  • Daniel D. Watts, s/o John & Mahala above, (b. 1820 Buncombe, NC - 1900 Marshall Co, AL), wife Fannie Phillips, both buried Boaz, Marshall CO AL. (Children: Sarah Elizabeth, James Britton, Nancy Rebecca, Eli Ashbury, Amanda, William D., Elizabeth, George Marion, Daniel Oscar, and M. S. Watts).
  • Jacob Z. Watts (1793 Montgomery, NC - 1868 Virgil, Kansas), wife Millie, settled Calico Rock, AR (Children: Emily, Emanuel-1823, Daniel, Leona Clementine, Nathaniel, Samuel Garrett, John Hunter, William, James Monroe, Josiah Costner, Martin Jefferson, and Jacob Zachariah Taylor-1846).
  • John Watts (1795 NC-1862 Marion CO, AR), wife Judy, settled Marion County, AR (Children: Emanuel-1832, William R.-1833, Henry, Nancy Jane, and Winnie Watts)
  • Reuben Watts/Watson/Wats (1804 - aft 1860 Cocke CO, TN), wife Betsy Banks, lived Buncombe & Burke CO NC, settled Cocke & Sevier County, TN. (Children: Margaret, Nancy M., James M., Fountain A., William R.-1844, Susannah, Mary A., Jacob Henry "Jake", Jasper "Joseph", Julia A., Sarah Jane Watts).
  • Moses Watts (1800 NC - aft Sept 1850 Stanley CO, NC), wife Nancy Ledbetter, lived near Pee Dee River, Montgomery CO NC. (Children: John W.-1821, Noah Z., John Stanley-1836, Perlina, Martin, Catherine, Mary-1842, Joel Joseph, Allen P., Sanky Thomas),
GROUP R1b1 Family #3 Contact : GROUP R1b1 Family #8 Contact : Marilyn McGaughey - anngrw@aol.com TO BE EXPANDED
We continue to add members. We have exceeded 150 individuals' y-chromosome results in our database, with more in the FTDNA lab being processed.

The database display now is color coded to represent the various Family Groups. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) provided much of this effort and is in the process of a major revision to all the family projects.

Are there any family groups still split?
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