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Pardine, Pardon, Partain, Parten, Partin, Parting, Parton, Peartree
The administrator has researched Partons (various spellings)since Jan. 1977. She is most familiar with the descendants of John born possibly mid 1770s VA (entertainer Dolly Parton's line.) Although there are a lot of Partons (various spellings) in some areas, it is not one of the most common names in America. Many people of these spellings go back to the British Isles, but looking at the 1900 Census, it is apparent that their are people of other nationalities with these spellings. This site will be welcome to all lines. Please furnish me with your direct male Parton (various spellings) line to your farthest proven ancestor. Do not put anyone based on a legend or what grandma said. Only put the person if you have some dates and facts to go with it. Correspond with me if you have questions. I'm excited about the project and will be glad to have you as a member!
The administrator started researching the Parton family (various spellings) in January of 1977. She wants to solidify the family tree for her children and grandchildren and wants to help other Partons do that too.
It is believed that the majority of the Parton lines go back to Robert Parton (also seen as Partin) who came to Jamestown in 1609 and survived the Starving Time. We want to document that line and any others that exist. It is the goal of this project to sort our various lines into groups of descent so we can combine our resources in our searching efforts. We can utilize DNA combined with documentation to do this.
Two of our members are unmatched to each other or to other Partons (various spellings). These are George Estes Parton and Gregory Medlyn.

The others all seem to be descended from a common ancestor. I would assume that all participants so far probably descend from Robert Partin/Parton who came to Jamestown, VA, in 1609 and survived the Starving Time.

Three of our partipants have tested to the 67 marker level. They are all significantly related! I encourage all of you to increase your markers to 67. They use the same samples they already have on file for you. Email me if you need help extending:

My children's ancestor paternally has the following line:

Jack Parton of Sevierville, TN (Dolly Parton's first cousin)

At 67 markers, he has a perfect match with one of our partipants and close matches with two others.

In comparing 67 markers, the probability that Jack Parton and Mr. Eugene C. Roehlkepartain (birth name Partain)shared a common ancestor within the last...
4 generations is
89.79% 8 generations is
98.96% 12 generations is
99.89% 16 generations is
99.99% 20 generations is
100% 24 generations is

In comparing 67 markers, the probability that Jack Parton and Ronald Partin shared a common ancestor within the last...
4 generations is
46.06% 8 generations is
85.34% 12 generations is
97.02% 16 generations is
99.48% 20 generations is
99.92% 24 generations is

In comparing 67 markers, the probability that Jack Parton and Earl W. Parton shared a common ancestor within the last...
4 generations is
46.24% 8 generations is
85.47% 12 generations is
97.07% 16 generations is
99.49% 20 generations is
99.92% 24 generations is

Their lineages are below in the Project Results page. If I don't have your lineage in the proeject results, please email me at and refresh me!
If you don't see your lineage here, please email me with it again.

Lineage of Franklin M. Parton, Jr (kit # 381340) (participant)

1. JohnParton - 29 (Circa 1770 - ) (buried Caney Branch Cemetary, Greene Co.,TN)


2Moses Parton - 27 (Circa 1806 - )

+MaryHorsley - 28 (Circa 1808 - )


3William H. Parton (15 Jan 1830 - 9 May 1877)

+Nancy Elizabeth Pain ( 28 Dec 1838 - ) md Nov 12, 1868, Jefferson Co, TN


4Joseph Estes Parton (15 Apr 1858 - 1 Jun 1942)

+Elizabeth Jane (Betsy) Fronebarger (5 Mar 1860 - 24 Jun 1930)


5William  Russell Parton (15 Dec 1878 - 24Feb 1937)

+Laura Rebecca Kirby (b: 22 Mar 1878 d: 25 May 1938)


6Willie Clay Parton (9 Sep 1914, Bell Co, KY - 30 Aug 1974, Anderson Co, Tn)

+Dorothy Mae Johnson (1 Mar 1913, Jonesville, Lee Co, VA - 19 Jul 1964, AndersonCo, TN), md 6/7/1933, Knox Co, TN


7Franklin Maurice Parton (17 Dec 1938, Anderson Co, TN - ) md 12/17/1955,Rossville, Catoosa Co, GA

+Wilma Francis Giles (2 May 1937, Claiborne Co, TN - 30 Apr 1998, Anderson Co,TN)


8Franklin Maurice Parton, Jr.  (Butch)* (7Nov 1957 - )

+Lewanna Carol Garrett (10 Sep 1962 - ) md 9/25/1982 Fentress Co, TN

Lineage of Thomas Joseph (Joe) Partain:
Kit N2155

Robert Parton from England to Jamestown VA in 1609 and survived the Starving Time

Missing Generations

male Partain unknown with wife Alsey born ca 1791/92 SC. She was found on the 1850 Anderson Co. SC census.

Lindsey Partain 24 Jun 1834 Port Royal, Beaufort, South Carolina
died 10 April 1902 Ft. Lamar, Madison County, Georgia
wife Frances J. born ca 1835/36
1860 census Hart Co.GA
1870 Elbert Co.GA
1880 Banks Co.GA
1900 Jackson Co.GA

Joel Benjamin Partain
born 28 Mar 1862 probably Commerce, Jackson Co., GA
On the 1900 Jackson Co. GA census and others above
Died 6/23/1937, Ft. Lamar, Madison County, Georgia.
wife Fanny born May 1872 SC

Thomas Jefferson Partain born Ft. Lamar, Madison Co., GA; died Columbia, SC

Thomas Jackson Partain, Born 5/28/1921, Cave Springs, Ga. Died 5/11/1967, Baltimore, Md.

Thomas Joseph Partain (the participant) Born 6/20/1946, Philadelphia ,Pa.


Lineage of Jack Parton
Kit 32356

Robert Parton from England to Jamestown VA in 1609 and survived the Starving Time

Missing Generations

John Parton born ca mid 1770s VA wife's name totally unknown. John Parton and his wife died after the 1840 census and before the 1850 census,  Caney Branch,
Greene Co. TN.

Benjamin Parton born 1795-1801 NC, died 1860-70 Sevier Co. TN, wife Hannah Cole (Her last name not proven.)

Benjamin Christopher (middle name may have been Crissenberry) Parton born 4 Aug. 1832, Cocke Co.TN, m Margaret Evans in Sevier Co. TN. Known as B.C. or Cris/Chris, he died Sevier Co. TN, 6 July 1916.

Albert Huston (called Huston) Parton born 4 May 1866, Sevier Co., TN. Died 11 March 1929, Sevier Co.TN. Wife was Tennessee S. Russell.

William Walter (called Walter)Parton, born 29 Dec. 1888, Sevier Co. TN, died 16 Nov. 1982, Sevier Co. TN. Wife was Bessie Elizabeth Rayfield. {Walter and Bessie were the paternal grandparents of Dolly Rebecca Parton, by their son Robert Lee (called Lee)Parton.}

Orville Parton

Jack Parton

Lineage of Ed Franklin Parton  Kit 151076

Robert Parton from England to Jamestown VA in 1609 and survived the Starving Time

Missing Generations

John Parton born ca mid 1770s VA; wife's name totally unknown. He and his wife were on 1840 Greene County, TN, Census. John Parton and his wife died after the 1840 census and before the 1850 census and are buried at Caney Branch Cemetery, Greene Co. TN.

Moses Parton b 22 Apr 1806 North Carolina married Hannah Hostley/Hasley/Horsely in Burke County, NC, (lived in Crooked Creek area, now McDowell Co. NC), 1830 Burke NC census, 1840 York County, SC, 1850 Greene County, TN, 1851 on lived in Sevier Co. TN, died aft 1880 Census, Sugarlands, Sevier County, TN.

Albert Huston Parton b 27 Oct 1837, York County,SC; m Sevier Co. TN 28 Jan 1858 Sarah Evans. He was on 1860 census Sevier, on no census in 1870, but he had left his family and was in Morganton, Blount (now Loudon) Co. TN. He then went to Harlan Co. KY and m2 Martha Pace. He dropped his last name. He died in Harlan Co. KY on 22 Apr 1916 as “Albert Huston.”

Phillip Mitchell Parton b 1 Feb 1863 Sevier County, TN. Married Martha E. Ridings (her actual father a Teauge) in Sevier County, TN. He died 20 Sept 1909, Straw Plains, Jefferson County, Tennessee.

George Washington Parton b 22 Jul 1901 Sevier County, TN; m Ida Sylva Plemmons. He died 12 May 1974 Sevier Co.TN.

Clarence Parton

Edward Parton (the person who tested)


Lineage of Ronald Lee Partin
Kit 175950

Robert Parton from England to Jamestown VA in 1609 and survived the Starving Time

Missing Generations

William Partin, born about 1760, probably VA; died about 1834, probably Knox Co., KY
1780, 1792 - Children born in Virgina
1795 son born in Tennessee
1801 - Hawkins Co., TN tax list,
1802 & 1803 - Claiborne Co., TN tax list.
1810 Knox Co.. KY tax list.
1820 Whitley Co., KY census
1830 Whitley Co., KY census

Elam Partin, born about 1896, Tennessee; death 4/1880, Clear Creek, Bell Co., KY
Married Malinda Clayton, 3/7/1816, Grainger Co., TN
1830 Whitley County, KY census
1840 Knox County, KY census
1850 Knox County, KY census

James Byrd Partin, born 11/1837, Knox Co., KY; died 3/27/1922, Bell Co., KY

John G. Partin, born 9/27/1857, Knox Co., KY; died before 1890, Bell Co., KY

Bethane Partin, born 12/25/1885, Chenoa, Bell Co., KY; died 3/31929, Bell Co., KY

Troy Lee Partin, born 5/20/1920, Chenoa, Bell Co., KY; died 3/5/2008, Beaverdam, Allen Co., OH

Ronald Lee. Partin (the participant) Lima, Ohio


Earl Wayne Parton
Kit 78151

Robert Parton from England to Jamestown VA in 1609 and survived the Starving Time

Missing Generations

William H. Parton/Partin born ca 1780-1790 NC probably Orange County

James Edward Parton born ca 1831 TN; d. 1865-1870 Arkansas. He m Jane Carolina Melton.

John B. Parton born June 1859 TN; d 14 Feb 1923, Baxter Co. AR. He marriedAnnie Eliza Oels.

Roy Lee Parton b 4 Feb 1895, Baxter Co. AR; d Jun 1980, Yellville, Marion Co. AR. He m Ina Belle Huey 20 July 1919, Baxter Co. AR.

Paul J. Parton b. 3 July 1920, Mountain Home, Baxter Co. AR; d 15 Oct 2008 in Kale, Wrangell Petersburg, Alaska. He m 2 Eunice Finley and 2 Doris Irene Hess.

Earl Wayne Parton born 1940 is the son of Paul J. Parton and Eunice Findley Parton. He is married to Jean Cooper.


Lineage of Eugene C. Roehlkepartain
Kit 162952   

Philemon Parton born 1767 Orange, North Carolina Died 1825?
Married Mary

Hiram Benjamin Partain born 1798 Anderson County, Pendelton District,
South Carolina Died ????
Married twice: to an Eveline, other: unnamed

Daniel Partain born 9 Nov 1823 Blount, Franklin County, South Carolina
Died 14 Nov 1878, Morgan, Alabama Buried in Cooper Cemetery, Morgan, Alabama
Married Mary Chaney

James Monroe Partain born 1843 Marion, Alabama
Died 1875, Falkville, Morgan, AlabamaBuried in Cooper Cemetery, Morgan, Alabama
Married Mary Ann Young

William Daniel Partain born 17 Mar 1873 Lacon, Morgan County, Alabama
Died 18 Jul 1952 Hico, Erath County, Texas Buried in Hico Cemetery, Texas
Married Lydia Margaret Morris
Charles Forris Partain born 25 Apr 1907, Erath County, Texas Died 18 Apr 1957 Carrollton, Texas
Married Una Jean Walker

Participant's Father


Kit 236401

Bill Parten

Robert Parton who came to from in 1609

Missing generations


Bannister Partain born 1793 NC

D 3 Feb 1855Johnson co. IL

Wife Sarah Barnes

James Parton born1812 SC

D 1855 Johnson Co.IL

Wife Malissa M.Smith


Seaborn Bannister Parten

B 1848

D 21 Jun 1923

Williamson Co. IL

Wife Rebecca JaneAplin/Appel

James William Parten

Born 14 Aug 1871 Marion, Williamson Co., IL

Died 23 Mar 1941 , ,

Robert Parten born 22 Jan 1891 Marion, Williamson co., IL

Died 4 Jul 1932 , ,

Married Viola Rebecca Teeter

William Parten born 1923

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