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Oliver, Olliver (as of August 2015)
Please note that this project provides support ONLY for OLIVER men who have Y results. It was designed as a SURNAME project, not a project that encompasses anyone with a person named Oliver in their lineage. The explosion of autosomal testing and transfer to FTDNA of such results in 2015 has lead to many people joining this project who do not have such data.
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  At the end of February RootsWeb went down.  They say that it was a hardware problem and it may take until March 15, 2016 to "resolve the issue".  Unfortunately all the linked webpages that show the lines of descent for the various groups are on RootsWeb.  IF they are not up by March 15, I will try to find another server to use instead.


Please note that this project provides genealogical research support ONLY for OLIVER men who have Y results.  It was designed as a SURNAME project, not a project that encompasses anyone with a person named Oliver in their lineage.  The explosion of autosomal testing and transfer to FTDNA of such results in 2015 has lead to many people joining this project who do not have such data.  However, IF a person has been autosomal tested and can email me their Oliver lineage and tell me which group they should belong to, I will attempt to add their line and initials to the appropriate chart.

To order a Y DNA test kit. I recommend ordering 25 or 37 markers, although you may start with 12 and upgrade later if you wish. The Oliver Y-DNA project was begun in 2003. It was administered by Mr. Pat Oliver until his death in August of 2009. Over 100 Oliver men had been tested by that time. His webpage was available until January, 2010 but is no longer available on at its previous URL. A copy is now posted here, but keep in mind that his email doesn't work and that this page does not show recent participants.

As of November 20, 2009 this webpage became the "homepage" for the Oliver Y DNA project based on results at FTDNA. I have attempted to use the same or similar colors that Pat used for the groups of Oliver men whose Y haplotypes match closely. I am defining closely as 12 of 12, 24 of 25, or more than 33. Note that in my opinion and based on the family data provided in this project and others I've worked with, a 12 of 12 is a good indication of a likely match if the surnames are the same, but this is not necessarily the case. Although many people order 12 initially, 25 markers provides more clear evidence of a genealogical relationship and not just a relationship to a common ancestor's home country hundreds of years ago.

If you want to see if your male Oliver ancestor might be in the Line of Descent of any members who have shared them or if they lived where your ancestor did, check Oliver Places, which is an index file by place. 

Some groups of matching Oliver men or their female relatives have provided genealogical information which allows one to see connections to a common ancestor. CLICK ON the names of the separate webpages below, that illustrate this information.

Cyan Group 01 Maryland ancestors
Dark Green Group 02 and LIght Green Group 03 Bertie County, NC ancestors and Irish ancestors
YellowGreen Group 04 New Jersey ancestors
Bright Yellow Group 05  Caroline County, VA ancestors
Coral Group 06 many Samuel Oliver ancestors
Lime Green Group 07 late 1700s VA ancestors
Turquoise Group 08 Charlotte County and Caroline County, VA ancestors
Pale Blue Group 09 North Carolina to Georgia
Pale Yellow Group 10 George Oliver (1726 Stafford Co, VA - 1786 Rockingham Co, NC) descendants
Magenta Group 11 Carolina and Georgia Oliver ancestors
Indigo Group 13 Richard Oliver (1752 Halifax Co, VA - 1847 Madison Co, KY) descendants
Blue Group 14 James Newton Oliver (1815 TN - <1870 Jackson Co, AL) descendants
Oliphant-Oliver Group 15 Duncan Oliphant (1682 Scotland - abt. 1734 Hunterdon Co, NJ) descendants
Orange Group 16
Maroon Group 17 VA to Franklin County, TN
Orchid Group 18 North Carolina to Arkansas
Teal Group 19 Georgia and Florida
Silver Group 20 Georgia and Mississippi
Violet Group 21 Tennessee and Arkansas
Ungrouped Members Page. Some of the men who have not yet had a match to another man in this project, have also shared their genealogy. 
Family Finder  Possible connections of Oliver Y DNA groups to women, via autosomal testing

Persons who have done Family Finder testing with FTDNA, or who have done an autosomal DNA transfer of their results from another company to FTDNA are asked to email their matches and try to derive their own interpretations of genealogical connections.

Some men are named Oliveira and were originally included in this project since the name shares some similar roots. Please see more information on the Oliveira Members Page. Now that there is a project for the Oliveira Surname, I suggest you join it and not his one please.

A few people in this project who have Y DNA results have joined because they are interested in Oliver genealogy or  because they have a female ancestor whose mother was an Oliver. These individuals are placed in the Pink Group. They are not expected to share a common Y haplotype since they are not related to a common male ancestor. Ideally these people should only join a project based on the last name of the man who was tested.

Likewise some Oliver women may choose to have mtDNA testing done. Because the mitochondria that have mtDNA markers are only inherited through the maternal line, sharing a last name is not indicative of shared mitochondria. This webpage is not attempting to support mtDNA results or interpretation at this time.

It is believed that surnames that were passed from father to children did not begin in Great Britain until about 1400.  (see  http://freepages.misc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~taylorydna/surname-theory.shtml).  Although none of us traces our genealogy back that far, this will be the potential limit of using surnames and Y DNA to find common ancestors.

If you are the SPONSOR of another man named Oliver, then you may order the kit and have it sent to him. When his kit is received and returned to the lab, then you can pay for it via a contribution to the "GENERAL FUND" which can be credited towards that kit.  Likewise if multiple family members are contributing, they can each pay a portion to the "GENERAL FUND".  Please be sure to email me (sheila.schmutz@usask.ca) about your wishes regarding any contribution you make.

Please fee free to email me (sheila.schmutz@usask.ca) about your Y DNA results and to provide additional genealogical data. I am a descendant of Augustus Oliver, shown in the Bright Yellow Group, through one of his daugters. A late male "cousin" was kind enough to supply the Y DNA to help my relatives confirm our genealogy to Augustus. We have been able go back a couple more generations through the cooperation of matches in this project, for which we are very grateful. I hope that you can have as much luck as we have had! Sheila Schmutz ______ Text last updated May 2, 2016. Y data are automatically updated by FTDNA as soon as markers are completed.
Please note that this project provides support ONLY for OLIVER men who have Y results.  It was designed as a SURNAME project, not a project that encompasses anyone with a person named Oliver in their lineage.  The explosion of autosomal testing and transfer to FTDNA of such results in 2015 has lead to many people joining this project who do not have such data.

Over 130 men from many different countries have been tested for 12 or more Y DNA markers as of November, 2013. The last names of these men include Oliver, Oliveira, and Olivier. A few of our groups and one individual Oliver have one or more men named Oliphant that are close matches. There is also a separate surname project for Oliphant. (see http://www.familytreedna.com/public/oliphant/default.aspx?section=yresults)

Oliver is a very common last name and so not surprisingly, there are at least 20 different groups of men that have matching haplotypes. Some men do not match any other Oliver tested thus far.

The men tested in this project come from many countries in the world. This is excellent since they have different access to genealogical records in various countries and may be able to help each other understand migration patterns of their families.

There are also Oliver men tested of different ethnicity. These are often reflected by different haplogroups. Most members have a R haplogroup, but we also have members from the E, G, I, J, and haplogroups in the project. This further confirms the wide diversity of origins of men with the last name of Oliver.

See the background section for links to webpages on another server about the genealogy of some members in some groups. Participants who wish to share such information should email me please (sheila.schmutz@usask.ca).
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