Peter and Catherine Smith trading post 1768-1773

Kelly Smith
Aug 3 2009 04:25

Discovered they rana  trading post in Manheim, now LockHaven PA before acquiring the 300 acres that she eventually had taken from her at White Deer. Pa. she finally gave up the fight in 1801 after at least 13 trips barefoot to Philadelphia 160-170 miles one way. The opposing attorneys would reschedule the court dates and she would walk the distance to find the date was changed..

Their sons Micheal and Philip built grist mills at McElaten Run in Clinton county. 

william smith was the son that removed to Ohio TERRITORY, ( check your history- at the time of widow Catherines death  1829, Territory included MORE then Ohio).

Trying to locate Who cassandra married yet.

 the Mill finally burnt to the ground in 1848.

 Her House stands just west of Danoswky- wagner house Just North of White Deer Pike. While I was recently in PA  we Met a fella willing to do some running for us up there will con tact him soon.

  take care.kelly

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