Staymates Cabin - Murrysville, PA

Marcy Jane Staymates
June 14 2009 01:29

May 2009


The municipality also owns Staymates Log Cabin, the left side of which was built in 1790, and the right side in 1820. Kearns said "it was a small family farm at one point, and more acreage was involved." The site is 7 acres.

Kearns said the documents regarding this part of history are still being compiled, and that information frequently piles up and gets put into boxes.

"We get information piecemeal from different people and try to make sense of it," Kearns said.

She recounted local legend, stating the original Forbes Road, complete with wagon tracks, is a pebble road about 200 yards from Staymates Barn.

The volunteers have been refurbishing the Staymates Log Cabin for 12 years. It was explained that the group had become older over the years, and progress was slow.

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