July 6 2011 14:15

With the approval and encouragement of Sandy Kugelman, I am sharing this with you.  Sandy has stage IV breast cancer; she was first diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago.  She and a cousin (who was both a 2nd and 4th cousin) were exactly the same age, were both diagnosed at the same time and re-diagnosed with stage IV at the same time.  Sadly, the cousin passed away in 2007.  Their great grandmother Sara (nee Katz) Kugelmann, is their furthest documented ancestor to have died from cancer.

Both Sandy and her cousin have the BRCA2 mutation, which increases the risk of breast cancer up to 87% and also increases the risk ovarian cancer.

Sandy is an amazing woman and an incredible inspiration.  Both are very evident in the following links where she talks about her life today and the work she does.  Her message to the family is the importance of getting checked for the BRCA2 mutation, especially women in the Katz and Kugelman families.

Be inspired:

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