Nancy Pilant
Sep 7 2008 01:42

Lendal & Peggy Wilks

(Son of Florence Langford Wilks;

Grandson of NancyDotson Langford)

1518 West Fir Street

Rogers, AR 72758


Phone: 1-479-631-0205 (also Fax Number)

E-mail:  &


August 11, 2008


To all the “Will and Nancy Langford” Clan:



Greetings to each of you!


The year 2008 was supposed to be another time for a Langford Reunion. But … the dates were all taken at the Jones Center for Families at Springdale, Arkansas, for the whole year!


Lugene Lovell tried for a date in July 2009, but the whole month was already taken! In August she went again for a reservation for August 2009. This time a date was reserved for August 1, 2009 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Reserve this date in your calendar for the next Langford Family Reunion! This is the same facility as the last one in 2005. This place is difficult to book since it is so nice and free!


The JonesCenter in Springdale provides a large family room with good seating and a kitchen. The activities for the young and active are: indoor ice rink, indoor swimming pool, indoor water park, basketball courts and pool tables. Itis a tobacco-free, alcohol-free facility.  We are expected to leave the room in the condition in which it was found.  The Center offers these services to the community at no charge. Visit


We will plan to send a schedule of activities in the next letter. If you have any special ideas of activities let us know. We will give a special prize to the fartherest attending party.


This Letter goes out to those on our present mailing list and to you with email addresses. Discuss this with your families to help us to update the mailing list for 2009. Provide us with any corrections on the addresses of those who are relatives of the Will & Nancy LangfordClan!


Sincerely yours,


Lendal & Peggy Wilks

Tony & Lugene Lovell









We are in need of the following addresses or information for those listed below.

The name at the end of each individual listed, is the name a relative of the

Will & Nancy Langford children:


Joanna Castner (Jason)

Richard Clemens (Bertha)

Sherri Cowan (Abe)

Christopher Danson (Bertha)

Robert Danson (Bertha)

Beth Cole (Homer)

Jason Green (Jason)

Kristin Jacobson (Jason)

Karen Kelly (Bertha)

Leon Langford (Jason)

Mac Langford (Jason)

Amanda Martin (Bertha)

Courtney Daniels (Bertha)

Jackie Sellors (Homer)

Lorraine Stewart (Bertha)

Thanks for your assistance!   Lendal & Peggy Wilks

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