Family Tree DNA End of Year Sale

Dec 3 2010 21:51
Dear Hs & HVs,

The time has come again for Family Tree DNA's End of Year Sale. You may use this opportunity to convince your Friends and Family to test. The sale runs through December 31st, 2010. All orders must be placed and paid for at that time.

Price for NEW KITS:Regular PricePromotional Price
Y-DNA37$149$119 US
Y-DNA67$239$199 US
mtDNAPlus$159$129 US
Family Finder$289$249 US

You may order for any friend or relative using this page.

This year, there is a special treat!

There is a sale for those who would like to order the Family Finder test for someone who has already tested at Family Tree DNA. 
The Sale Price is $229 US. This is a wonderful savings over the regular price of $289 US!

To order, login to the personal account (http://, and look on the right for the link to Special Offers.

Note: The Family Finder test does require an untouched vial of DNA. If one is not on hand, a new test kit will be mailed. Please contact customer service,, if you have a relative you would like to test but are not sure if they will be willing to retest. They will be able to check to see if there is an untouched vial available.

You may read more about the new Family Finder test and the Population Finder Tool in these FAQs.

Rebekah A. Canada
Volunteer Administrator, Family Tree DNA
H & HV mtDNA Hg Project
Q Y-DNA Hg Project, I-P109 Y-DNA Hg Project, Scandinavian Y-DNA Project



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