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Tran Siu
Nov 24 2011 06:46

Australia has lots of excellent reasons to boast. One of those reasons is its hard-working and dedicated Ward Councilor and Deputy Mayor Tran Siu. Tran Siu openly embodies the qualities of his great and noble nation.


Councilor Tran Siu has served on the Brimbank Harvester Ward Council since November 2008. At the core of Trans Siu is his belief that Australia is special. Rather than join other people who complain regarding the country’s imperfections, Tran concentrates his efforts on Australia’s qualities. He has come to this steadfast belief as a son of refugee parents. After several years of observing his mom and dad, young Tran got to understand their gratitude to and appreciation of Australia. Councilor Tran Siu carries forth that same reverence and appreciation as part of his personal and professional life. In return for the great life that Australia provides, Cr Tran Siu continuously devotes his public life to representing his country’s fine qualities by example and daily assisting its life-sustaining growth.


Throughout his early school years, while attending Glengala Primary School, then Sunshine College, and recurring to the present, he has intelligently determined positive best way to develop Australia’s Sunshine communities. With unswerving dedication, Councilor Tran Siu tirelessly fulfills his duty of directly serving individuals of the City of Brimbank.


Tran is clear-thinking enough to take part in the critical evaluation of his own pursuits. That evaluation crystallized into Tran changing his employer to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. There, he surely could devote his efforts to dealing with and helping small-medium businesses (SME’s) that in some way needed the advantages of banking assistance.


Tran is aimed at the promotion of a healthy, self-sustaining Australia market. His business banking experiences have created in Tran the capability and professional know-how required to actually contribute to that great good.

Throughout his life, Tran has taken the lead, while participating, as required, in a growing network of associations. Over the years, he obtained been the repeated recipient of countless awards gifted him by those groups he supported. Tran Siu now expresses appreciation for those awards, but he also admits that he was a lot more humbled by the benefits others enjoyed because of those efforts for which he was awarded.


Tran has managed an intense good reputation for community participation and achievement. Councilor Tran Siu has supported such groups like The Lions Club, Rotary Club, Amnesty International, the YMCA, World Vision, Boccia Victoria along with the Brimbank Council in 2003 - to name just a few. Tran did this by way of his reliable participation and inspiring others to join and grow to be passionate in order to make things better. Councilor Tran Siu seems to be a man bolstered by his own personal wish to do good for others. Tran recently shared his telling discovery: he found “that doing good for others far exceeds the hollow rewards of the majority of faceless corporate ventures”. That sentiment appears to have taken strong root during the stated pursuits of Tran; he now earnestly seeks to elevate Australia’s image on the world political arena and stronger economic growth. Tran is strongly determined to achieve this together with the participation of creating a variety of links between Australia and its regional Asian neighbors, within areas such as trade, education & cultural exchanges. Councilor Tran Siu is clearly driven to aid identifies, as well as fulfills them.

Tran is driven for and dedicated to the people. If re-elected to the Brimbank Harvester Ward Council, Tran Siu trusts his charitable goals for that Australian population will be facilitated.

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