Mind Sight by Nadia Aranki

Mickey Paulson Aranki
Nov 24 2010 10:50

Nadia is the granddaughter of the late Amy Aranki. (Nadia is the daughter of Dr. Sary Aranki)  This poem was published in the Fall 2010 issue of the "Birzeit Newsletter"

 "I would like to dedicate this poem in Teta's memory. This poem reminds me of how much Teta Amy taught me through the activities we both enjoyed.  It also reminds me of how important she was to me and how much of her I see in myself. I want her to live through not only my words but through all of the wonderful memories that we all have of her."


I watch my Teta in the kitchen,

She cooks with elegance and precision.

The spicy aroma opens all of my senses,

My stomach asks me to eat.


I listen to her stories, 

I think she knows everything,

I think she's done everything.


I watch my grandmother write

in her journal everyday.


I watch her read anything in front of her,

Taking it in with appreciation for pure language,

Words capture her.


Now I read in front of Teta,

She smiles at the sound of my voice,

But wants it to be her own.

That voice we all have that makes

Everything sound a little better.


I feel her grasping every word I say,

Wanting to be able to see them herself.


Now I cook for Teta in the kitchen,

She tells me she can do it better.

She doesn't like salt..

I see her hands yearning to hold ingredients

That she has known for years, 

A relationship lost.


I listen to Teta tell her stories,

Of her childhood,

And my own.


Her memory is sharp and clear,

No, she doesn't need lenses for that.


She looks at me with milky eyes and says, 

Teta, you are just like me.

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