Osama Aranki Arrives In America

Mickey Paulson Aranki
May 21 2010 16:30

Osama Aranki Arrives In America

Mickey Aranki - Sep 10, 1999  


Thirty-two years ago today my husband arrived in this country for the first time.   He had been fortunate to have a chance to come and live with an American family and attend college.   In all the excitement of getting ready for the trip, he had not thought how long it would be before he would ever go back to his family home.

After making a connection in Paris, his plane arrived in New York.   He had never seen anything as big as the airport terminal, but the most facinating thing was seeing black people for the first time!   He had heard about them, but never actually seen one.   His family back home still didn't own a television, they had only had electricity a few years.   How much we take for granted now.   Even in his hometown of Bir-zeit, everyone owns a television now and children are exposed to the whole world.

Some friends of his American sponsor family met him in New York and helped get him on the plane to Dallas.   He was looking forward to seeing Texas, he already knew all about it from all the John Wayne movies he had watched at the cinema.   He was excited to get some boots and a hat, maybe ride a horse.   Everyone in Texas has a horse after all.

When he arrived at Love Field, he was a very tired 18 year old, and very grateful for the pillow and blanket that Mr. & Mrs. Maples had put in the back of the station wagon.   He slept all the way to Graham, never guessing that the only thing he would be riding for awhile would be the yellow school bus to Cisco Junior College.

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