Our Mietzner-Buschke cousins,cousins visit,round robin anyone

cathy walters
Dec 17 2008 14:59
Piture's top l; (Tillie)Ottilie Stoltz Quandt,Emilia Ernestine Buschke(Mrs.Carl Johann Uding Koenig),August Quandt Sr. and their grand daughter Tillie(Brannon Studios,525 E.Main St. Stockton,Ca. circa 1910?)
r;Jessie Buschke b.Nov.24 1893(Mrs.James Clifford Lane) Esther May Buschke b.Feb.25 1892(Mrs.Leo John Schmidts)-daughters of Gustav Aug.Daniel Buschke
bottomLto R;Louise Alexandrine Mietzner(Mrs.Johann Gottlieb Buschke),Gustav August Daniel Buschke b.Sept.4 1857 m.Caroline Jane Servos(these 2 are tins circa 1870?)Emilie Mietzner Oct.1910 was visiting our Lebert cousin's in Watertown & Grover South Dakota,Codington co.Kempsa twp.,wrote to her sister;Wanda-Mrs.Gottlieb Rossin-who was living at time in Ward South Dakota,Moody co.(Oct.12 1910Watertown) Dear Sister,Aunt Emilie(Emilie Dorothea Mietzner Kuhn?)and a Buschke girl with her husband,went to Grove today.She wants to visit all her cousins.I was thinking she ought to remember you.They are going back Thursday.I dont know when I willbe their.I would like to work here.I am at Watertown.Louisia (WHO?)will go to Arkansas in a week.
Grover__1910;The cousins are gone back to California.I intend to come if I dont change my mind Monday,perhaps be there at two. Am at Grover.

You can see that the Quandts went out to California,Ottilie was sickly,I'm sure part of reason was due to her health.My Tante Emilia Mietzner took care of her,Albert Stoltz wife and Henke's-Pleasant Valley twp ,Stewartville,MN 1915-1916,& more-1926?(Emilia's Diary)&1992 Auntie Esther Rossin told me this,While Aunt Emilia Mietzner was taking care of Mrs.August Quandt in Pleasant Valley near Racine,MN.Emilia started a round Robin chain letter,she would send off her letter to sister Wanda(in Elgin,MN)who would add her letter and would send off to cousin Ida Lebert(Mrs.Hyde ) in Dakota ,add her letter send out to California to Bushke cousins -who then would add their letters and send to Emilia Mietzner who would take out her old letter and add new one and send letters again.(none of Mietzner& Rossin's letters survived-nasty habit of burning letters especialy when death occurs.Hope someone in family had saved them&would share with us.)
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