Joachim Fick & Catharina Margr.Rischbode,possibility very high-ANY RESEARCH!

cathy walters
Sep 15 2012 13:35

1st gen.Detlef Fick & unkn,2nd gen.Peter Fick & Mette Dammann,3rd gen.Peter Fick & 2nd wife Anna Dede;1. Peter Fick b.1849 Neuendamm,2.Adelheid Fick b.1851,Neuendamm

1. named for Peter Fick-fathers-father, my Joachim II visited his brother 1922,Q; is he same person ? Peter Fick was married 2 x's, 6 known living children, don't know order of births nor if anyother children's names that may had died. 3 full siblings USA & 1/2 sister with child circa USA 1908 Johann ,Kathatherine m. Schaaf NY/NJ, ? married Cav????a from Portugal-USA military,Metta? & Bertha NY/NJ? just going by memory, 3 known sisters remained; Anna m. Klindworth,Gretchen m. Peters, Marta m. BUCK !

2.Adelheid-named for mothers-mother=Adelheid_____Mrs.Johann Dede

3.Mette unkn if Adelheid middle, but she is known to remained in Germany-sister of Joachim & Peter, b.circa 1852/3 or 1858-1860 & may had been alive 1922 , she was named for fathers mother, Mette Dammann Fick?

4.Johann Fick b. Sep__1854 USA 1872 m. Sep 8 1891 Jersey City,Hudson Co.NJ Sophie Huelsmann, he died between 1900-1910, wife was living at 161 Sussex street,Jersey City,NJ- she held onto Joachim Fick's passport til his arrival in May 1922. Johann is named for mothers father-Johann Rischbode.

5.Joachim Fick II b.Aug. 13 1857 Iselersheim,lived in Neuendamm, married Aug 14 1879 Adelheid Buck, family USA May 25 1893, he is named for his father.

I believe and am asking has anyone done research or knows if I am on the right track ? 4th gen. Joachim (I) Fick b.June 22 1819 Neuendamm married Dec 7 1848 Bremervoerde Catharina Margr.Rischbode b.? father Johann Rischbode, he is their 5th child

3rd gen.Peter Fick 2nd marriage Anna Dede

2nd gen. Peter Fick m. Mette Dammann

1st gen. Detlef Fick & unkn- I am of 1st son Hans Fick family


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