Our Henzel-Schuler cousin's in Brazil,needing help to find them and placement in family

cathy walters
Jan 25 2016 16:54

Unknown if from our Rossin or Jesse sides from kreis Mogilno,Posen,Germany-now Poland. Or if through our Mietzner or Fedder lines ,from kreis Kolmar,Posen,Germany-now Poland.No letter,no envolope. Eileen?Henzel married 1958 Walter Schuler-School Teacher.How is our connection? And where are you? Are you Michael Rossin's daughter's? Or Michael's & Friedrich sisters daughters;of Pfeiffer,Reinke lines or of one of the other sisters who married-Uknown's? Or part of our Jesse lines;Kolander/Mundt,,Schroeder,Mittelstaedt,Albrecht,Miloston,Redel ?Or of our Mietzner lines-Zantow/Zanto? Or of our Fedder lines? Of kreis Kolmar,Posen,Germany-now-Poland. I sure hope you find this and me-I am looking forward from hearing from you-your cousin,Cathy Rossin Walters.


Rossin,Witt,Jesse,Bettin,Mietzner,Ziepke/Cypke/Zypke, Fedder/Vedder we are Crypto Jews, to see what sides are involved you should have your DNA tested. Mietzner lines Buschke,Konig, the Stoltz's, Ehrenberg,Wegenke & Lebert's. The Mietzner/Fedder line Haack's- Delbert & Herb's Rossin family & cousins of the Winona clan. All of any of these's families could be & are key to tell how many of our branches.  A Rossin on female line of Winona Rossin has a trace of Euro Jewish and has yet to land on me as cousin.  One of the names is a Ehrenberg. I used ancestrydna,43% Euro Jewish,1% India/Pakestan,trace Middle East, trace Pacific Islander,7 % Great Britain, 47 % West Euro Please if you do get it done please tell. Posen,Germany must had a nice little nest for us. Notice many are more east, but must had been in our area before going eastward.


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