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John Swan
June 24 2010 23:08

Hi my name is John Swan, I am new to this site.I have spent quite a few hours trying to find my ancestors.I have managed to get alot from the net etc. i was hoping to find more info from My Heritage and suggest that I may have more info than you??But I am not sure if it is correct. Let me no what you think.This info I think you might be interested in and can check for yourself. The Lord William Bentinck sailed from maybe London 8th January 1841 and arrived in Wellington NZ 24th May 1841. On board were Stephen and James Swan, Stephens future wife Sarah Ann Francis,  her parents and siblings. Googlesays that Stephen and Sarah Ann Swan - decendant James swan married Sarah Jane Worsley 30th July 1879 Lower Hutt wellington. You may be able tohelp find Stephen and James parents, Stephen and James were bornapproximately 1820. James was killed in the Maori wars. I can give more info but look up the Lord william Bentinck on the net, Life was tough then. SO I SUGGEST THAT THE PARENTS OF JAMES AND SARAH WORSLEY ARE STEPHEN AND SARAH FRANCIS. Regards, john@teamswan.co.nz.


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