Love Letter Search

Documents from the past and present will be considered in the search for the most romantic love letter. Participants can submit love letters from their family’s past, or even efforts from this year’s Valentine’s Day.

The person submitting the letter should have been the recipient or writer of the letter, or, if the person submitting the letter was not the recipient or writer – and the letter concerns individuals still living – they must obtain permission from the letter’s original recipient or writer in order for it to be included in the competition. will seek confirmation of the above terms for all letters taken to the shortlist stage.

For the competition to find the most romantic British love letter, the letter must have been written or received by a British resident or citizen, or alternatively have been received in, or sent from, the UK (or a territory which was in British possession at the time of writing).

However, would love to receive suggestions and ideas from users across the world for a global love letters collection, and reserves the right to extend the competition to other territories.

There is no financial reward for the person submitting the most romantic love letter.

In submitting letters to the search to find the most Romantic love letter, participants agree that their letter might be displayed online, and that, in the event of winning, their letter is likely to be reproduced in the UK or international media, and that the submitter therefore waives online and associated copyright for the duration and execution of the competition.

Entries must be submitted using entry methods provided online at, adhering to the guidelines for submission. Participants are not required to send original copies to, as these cannot be returned, but rather scan the documents.

Entries will be judged by the author Wendy Holden, with the winning letter announced on February 25th 2011.