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My name is maxine cobley and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: LozeCobleyBerrymanHellenbergHuthnanceIf you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.
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About our family

My mothers side of the family (Berrymans) were and still are brass band people.  My great grandfather and grandfather were both trombone players.  My uncle (John Berryman) did play the cornet for GUS Band in Kettering Northants in the 1960's and now conducts the same band which are now known as Gus V Band. My cousin Andrew Berryman also plays the trombone.  My mother also has a musical background.  She's a soprano and is very well known in Northants.


Missing pieces
My mothers mother was a Loze before she married my grandfather.  Her father went to Uganda for about 41 years.  We think after 1926 to about 1963 ish.  The mystery is where did he live and what did he do and why did he never come home to his wife and family in all that time??