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About our family tree

Welcome to our family tree!

Hi my name is Mary Beaver (Cook) and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: Cook,Trude,Gunnels,Smith, Shelton, Cage, Stafford, Mendenhall, Haworth, Beaver, Shepherd, Gardner, Willis, Cole, Smith, Proctor, Burrel, Rowan, Holland, DeLorenzo, Castle, Sherwood, Pirtle, Guinn, McRae, Edwards, Stinson, Brewer, Evarts, Downing, Cecil, Cranborne, Maxwell, Murray, Boussoyne, and many other family members that I am able to come to find. I hope that if any family who is related to me I would love to hear from you that way our family tree can grow and also that way we can get to know each other. 

Thank you for visiting!

About our family

     As you above their are a long line of family members that goes back many generations and I wound like to get any information and pictures that you are willing to share, not only that I am able to put it on the family tree so that all of the family be able to see it but that way I am able to show it to my two daughters and not only tell them about the family member but that way we can show them the pictures.

     If you can help me with any information, and make sure that I have them correct I would be really greatfully. I am at ease to find out that I had Countess, Dukes and Royalty,, Musician and Composers, Actors and Actresses, Politicians, Authors and Writers, Scientists, Veterans and Military service, U.S. Presidents and First Lady's, and many other family members that I would love to know about and be able to tell me kids and I am wondering what else I have that belongs in the family tree so my familey be able read about and see what they lived their lives.So I would be greatfull for any assistance that you may have if all you have is a little bit of information I would take it and if all you have is a name and picture that would be nice too.

If you wAnt t  contact me you can do through myheritage, but I also have Facebook and you can contact me their as well. I am glad that there are ways we can connect as family member to learn about what our family member has done or what their roles was or is in the country. 

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