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About our family tree

Welcome to our family tree!

My name is Valorie Zimmerman. This site focusses on the ancestry of my parents, and I included my husband's ancestors as well.

My genealogy research is focused on the following families: Baysinger, Booth, Cowan, Disney, Goosic, McBee, McPhail, McPherson, McQueen, Walters, Käll, Schell, Andersdotter, Anderson

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About our family
Our Cowans came from Selkirkshire in the borders of Scotland to Upper Canada (now Ontario, Canada) in 1832, while my mother's McBees seem to have been in the the colony of Virginia before the War for Independence. My father's mother's Schells (Käll at immigration), and Andersdotter (Anderson) came from Sweden in the 1890s. My mother's Baysingers were also here early, emigrating from the Alsace to Pennsylvania in 1770.
Missing pieces

My mother's McBEEs are mystery. We have a family tree back to our great-grandfather Samuel, and a yDNA trace back to the Virginia McBees, but no paper trail for almost 100 years.

 We can trace her GOOSICs back to Athens, Ohio, but where did they come from before that?

 It would be lovely to find DISNEY cousins to prove some DNA links to the immigrants, and also back to England. And I'm a dreamer, maybe back to Normandy? 

 My father's COWANs are linked by yDNA to the Sterling COWANE family. Who left Sterling to come to the Scottish borders?