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About our family tree
Welcome to our family tree!

My name is Ernie Piper and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: MillerReitzHetrickLoomisSmithIf you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.
Thank you for visiting!
About our family

Much of the family information and proof provided in this tree on my fathers side (Piper) was gathered by others in my family before me.  My Aunt Freda Hill  gathered much information and was a contributer to the book Early Shanafelt Family: John and Elizabeth to America. Compiled by Laurel (Shanafelt) Powell. 1994.   My Great Aunt Edna Smith and Aunt Margie Simon also passed on many grave photos and other information about the family.

With one exception I only have family records through my Great Grandparents on my mother side.  For my maternal grandmothers side I used as a starting point information found in Don Stansberry's public tree on  On my maternal Grandfathers side I have used information as a starting point information from the Burns Family Tree of DennisKQV on  The exception is a Recollections by Samuel Archer IV.

The Piper ancestory followed the typical western migration from Eastern PA to Western PA/West VA on to being among the first settlers in Eastern Ohio.  The Marshall ancestry is similar and settled in Sundusky Co. Ohio when it was settled about 30 years later.

Missing pieces

In October, 2012 I started typing in my Aunt Freda Hill and Aunt Margie Simon's family tree information, that I inherited, into the Family Tree Builder (A book case and two filing cabinet draws of paper). I also have on paper genealogy information that I had been collecting for many years.  I will be typing for a long time. I plan to update and enter my family information into my tree as I go.

I have particular interest in finding proof for the following ancestors:

1) Mary Archer (Lee) Born: Estimated: 1802 Probably Brooke Co., West Virginia. Estimate based on 1850 census data and Died May 1 1851 in Brooke County, West Virginia, USA.  She marred my 3-great grandfather Samuel Archer II.  I do not have proof of who her parents were.  Family trees on suggest parents William Lee (born 1767 at Donegal, Ireland, Died Aug 27 1819 Cove township, Barbour, WV) and Jane Lee (Elliott) (Born 1768 near Donegal, Ireland and died May 15 1843).


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