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About our family tree
Welcome to our family tree!
My name is Marilyn and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: Burns, Rix, Costain, Melvin, Hall, Morgan.  Contact: ..
You are also invited to sign the guestbook. Thank you for visiting!
About our family
My grandmother, Mary Helen Burns Melvin, grew up on PEI before coming to the US, where she married Albert Francis Melvin, whose Melvin line includes brothers who fought in our Revolution and Civil War.  Since, as a child, I had the good fortune to have my grandmother, (one of the great inspirations of my life), living with us, I have the "inside line" on all her family, started correcting researchers' information regarding Mary Helen and her PEI roots, got interested also in the Melvin line, and have just joined MyHeritage to "put it all together" for my family.
Missing pieces
I would love to be able to trace my Burns heritage back to Ireland, my Rix descendants back to Isle of Man, and learn any personal information about any of my descendants (Burns, Rix, Melvin, Hall, Morgan, etc.)  to add personal interest to my genealogy.  My email is  Many thanks, Marilyn