Sir John De Holcombe Born 1156 - Jeri Charlene Holcomb Watson's Side Of The Family

SIR JOHN DE HOLCOMBE (Jeri Charlene Holcomb Watson's twenty-three-times-great-grandfather) was born in 1156 to Symon De Holcombe, II.
Note: Knighted by Richard "The Lion Heart" King of England
1189 for heroic action in The Battle of Palestine.
Described as having "Struck off three heads with
one swipe of the sword" [oh yea verily] !!!!
Sir John is the first Holcombe found recorded in visitations of
England. He served in the War of the Crusades to Palistine, where in
the Third Crusade (1177-1191) he beheaded three turks with one stroke
of his sword. He was knighted by King Richard for this deed. The
Holcombe Coat-of-Arms contains three heads in honor of that feat. He
later died of wounds received in the Holy Land. He was buried at the
Abbey Church of Dorchester, the oldest Abbey in England.
Note for: Sir John Holcombe, ABT. 1175 - ABT. 1269 Index [5.FTW]
From CD#10, Tree 4213--Sir John Holcombe is the first to be mentioned in the Visitations of England. He served in the War of the Crusades, to Palestine, indications being that he participated in two of the Crusades. "During the Third Crusade, while in battle, with one mighty sweep of his sword he severed the heads of three Mohannedans. This explains the significance of the four heads on the Coat of Arms which was bestowed upon him hen he was meritoriously knighted for this deed of valor by King Richard in the latter part of the 12th century.The Heraldic Office describes the Holcombe Arms as follows: 'Azure field; chevron, argent, bewteen three Turks' heads in profile, coupled at shoulders or, wreathed about the temples, sable and of the second. Crest: a man's head, full faced couped
at the breast proper, wreath around the temples or, and asure.' "The motto 'Veritas et fortitudo' in English is Truth and Courage." The effigy of the Knight Holcombe now rests in the old Abbey Church of Dorchester, England, one of the oldest abbies in England. Per Jill Cruse: Sir John Holcombe was knighted by King Richard I (The Lion Heart) for deeds accomplished during the third crusade (1189-92). Sir John beheaded three Turks with one sword swipe. His tomb is located in Dorchester, Abbey, Oxfordshire England. The missing family pedigree which hung behind the sarchohagus in the
lady chapel in 1995. Sir John's coat of arms, one of the oldest in England, are as follows: Azure field, a chevron argent, between three Turks' heads in profile, couped at the sholder, wreathed about the temples, sabled and of the second. The crest is a man's head, full faced, couped at the breast proper, wreathed around the temples. Jill has a B&W picture of the tomb and the crest.
The first recorded holcombe in history
Tomb of Sir John de Holcombe, Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire
Sir John's tomb is one of oldest likenesses we have of any family member.
Sir fathered one son:
John De Holcombe in 1175.