MyHeritage Privacy Policy for Family Historian

MyHeritage uses Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies to match between family trees and historical records on MyHeritage and Family Historian trees.

What is Smart Matching™?

Smart Matching™ compares your family tree to all family trees on MyHeritage, to look for matches. If matches are found, you are notified and you can view the matches, confirm or reject them. This feature can help you make new discoveries in your genealogy research, and also connect you to distant family members who are researching the same individuals as you are.

What is Record Matching?

Record Matching automatically finds matching historical records for your family tree, from our growing collection of billions of records. It can save you time with your research and allow you to make fascinating discoveries through birth documents, census records, newspaper articles and more.

How does it work?

When Smart Matching™ and Record Matching are enabled within Family Historian, information from small parts of your family tree is periodically passed, 'behind the scenes' and without you having to do anything, to a matching service on the MyHeritage website. This information includes names, dates and places associated with individuals and their close relatives. MyHeritage uses this data to find extremely accurate Smart Matches™ and Record Matches for the relevant individuals. This information is not collected by MyHeritage and is deleted automatically after matches are calculated and displayed to you. Smart Matches™ are not bi-directional: Family Historian users receive them with trees of MyHeritage users, but MyHeritage users do not receive them with trees of Family Historian users.

Family Historian will show 'hints' in its main window (the Focus Window) where matches are found, and provide links you can click on to review the matches, and then confirm or reject them.

Note that some of the matches can be viewed and confirmed for free, while others require a MyHeritage data subscription.

The information passed to MyHeritage is never used for any other purpose and will never be displayed, sold, licensed or used in any manner whatsoever.

If you have any question or concerns, feel free to contact MyHeritage at 0-800-680-0622 (14:00 – 24:00 GMT, Monday through Friday).