Accessibility Statement

We see great importance in providing equal services to any person, without exceptions, including to customers with disabilities.

We invested significant efforts and resources in our website in order to make it accessible, so as to allow as many people as possible to use it with ease and convenience and render it more available for people with disabilities. The website is made accessible by using the A-Web software (hereinafter: the “Software”) which enables us to provide accessible contents to the visitors on our website, whenever possible.

Most pages on our website comply with the criteria set for AA accessibility level. It should be noted that despite our efforts to render all the pages on our website accessible, it might be found that some website areas or functionalities have not yet been made accessible. The website accessibility is compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

How does accessibility function on our website?

The website includes an accessibility menu. You can access the accessibility buttons by clicking on the menu or by using your mouse button or by navigating with the Tab key. The menu can be closed by clicking the “Close” button or the “Esc” key on your keyboard or by clicking it with your mouse.

How can you browse the website?

The Tab key is used for forward navigation on the website. The TAB + SHIFT key combination is used for backwards navigation on the website.
Our website supports NVDA screen-readers for Windows and for MAC OS X operating systems.
Changing the color contrast: you have the option to change the background contrast and make it lighter or darker.
Changing font sizes and font types: the font size may be increased or decreased. The font type will be changed to Ariel to offer you a more convenient reading experience.
Navigation to content areas: you can skip to the content areas on our website. The website is divided into main content areas. You can skip from the top of the page directly to a main content area. Please press the Enter key to enter a content area. The option to skip back to the top of the page will be displayed at the bottom of each page, above the footer.
Forms: we offer a wide support for making contact us forms accessible, subject to the terms of use provisions.
Compatibility with assistive technologies. For example: support for error read-out loud features by screen readers.
Support for assistive technologies: wide support for assistive technologies by using the Rules of ARIA.
An “Abort Accessibility” button and return to standard display mode.

Accessible Customer Service

  • You can also contact our customer service center by using other methods available to you:
    Send a message via email to
    Send mail via the postal service to MyHeritage Ltd. 3 Ariel Sharon St. Or Yehuda.

Facility accessibility arrangements

Our company does not offer public reception services; however, the company’s facilities are accessible in compliance with the provisions of the law and the regulations. You may contact us through our customer service digital channels and call center.
Please find below the existing accessibility arrangements in our company’s offices located at 3 Ariel Sharon St. in Or Yehuda:

  • Disabled parking spaces are available at the parking lot across from the company’s offices;
  • Continuous access-enabled route from the parking lot through the entrance up to the company’s offices at the 4th floor (including accessible elevators);
  • Accessible handicapped bathroom facilities are available at the company’s offices;
  • Identification and directional signage are installed;
  • Entry of service animals designated to assist people with disabilities to the company's offices is permitted.

Contacting us for any requests, errors or suggestions

At the moment, we are not aware of any accessibility issues on our website. If you encountered any problem or error related to accessibility, we will appreciate your input about any such issue and we will endeavor to find the appropriate solution and take care of any such error as soon as possible. We attempt to keep and maintain the website at the best possible condition. If you encountered any accessibility issues on our website, please contact our accessibility coordinator to allow us to solve the problem in the best possible manner and enclose as many details as possible: a description of the problem or the error; what action were you attempting to carry out; which page did you browse; what type and version of web browser were you using; operating system details; type of assistive technology (to the extent such was used).

Accessibility Coordinator

Please contact the Accessibility Coordinator at our company, Mr. Alon Ehrenfeld, for any questions or requests related to our website and service accessibility via email at: The Accessibility Coordinator is located at our offices on 3 Ariel Sharon Blvd., Or Yehuda, Israel