See what users are saying about Family Tree Builder
I just visited the site and I think that it's genius. Most of these sites do not offer what you are offering and I think that it's great. My ancestors come from many places in the world, from NY to New Zealand and I am interested in finding more and I think your site can help me where others have failed.
Oceanside, NY, USA
I have a number of Tree Builder programmes but find this is really the easiest so far, especially the loading to the website, and the fact that your programme automatically creates the site!!!! It is great.
S. Barber
Cape Town, South Africa
Have you considered making your software available to purchase? It is one of the best out there. Thanks,
L. Brooks
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
I am new to your MyHeritage programme and I am finding it very easy to use and very helpful. Have been name chasing for close onto 40 years and have been using Brothers Keeper since it came out many years ago when the world was DOS, looks like I will use MyHeritage from now on… Many thanks,
B. Godman
London, United Kingdom
I really find your site very, very well done. It is really admirable what you have made. Bravo!
Sherbrooke, Canada
Thanks for superb product in MyHeritage. I have been able to track my genealogy to my great, great, great grandfather with the assistance of this great tool. I now sit with over two hundred names on my database and the list is growing by the day. The Nyatlo family is holding a reunion in Limpopo Province of South Africa as a result. Once again, thanks a million times.
M. Nyatlo
South Africa
I've been using the new FTB, and MyHeritage.com and as always, I am totally in love with it.
S. Hasan A. S.
I want to express my enjoyment for being able to use your very interesting and effective genealogy system. The program has uncovered several distant relatives of branches that had split off and are now reunited.
A. Sirois
Pleasant Valley, NY
¡Gracias! Just a few words: thank you for this marvelous product!
José Felipe Saprissa Ortega
Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica
Let me be one of the thousands of the generation researchers out here to say, this is an excellent program for setting up a family tree, especially for beginners and others.
K. Shives
Fairburn, GA, USA
I received your email, downloaded the free version, imported my GEDCOM from FTM and so far love what I see. I plan to upgrade to premium before the weekend is over. Thank you for having me on your email list. I like what I see so far.
S. Gallimore
Wisconsin, USA
I write a history of the Records-Johnston families, from pioneers to cowboys. As a Sociology professor w/ a bent toward history, I was out of my league in genealogy until I found MyHeritage. I thank you and your colleagues for making this such a remarkable site.
M. J. Hightower, PhD
Charlottesville, VA, USA
Thank you so much, we have been enjoying MyHeritage site and have come in contact with relatives i didn't know i had. I have been able to obtain information and pictures i have been looking for. Some for more then 50 years. Thanks again.
J. Haas
Fort Collins, CO, USA
I love the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder and have added almost 600 people into my tree now. There's so much information you can put in and a massive list of facts. The navigation is great and I'm really impressed. Much better than any other family tree program I've seen. I particularly like the ability to mark faces on photos and use profile pictures. The reverse side of photographs is another great idea.
J. Gaunt
United Kingdom
Thank you for helping find my husband's family. His father was married before, he had children in his previous marriage that my husband never met but had heard of. The conversations between siblings have been wonderful after 45 years!
M. Hughes
Sydney, Australia
Thank you for bringing my family together. I wanted to thank you for this site. I now have 103 family members added and will be adding more next week. I have even found my Ukrainian family members and they are helping me find even more. My Argentinean family as well as my Russian family can all view and add to the website in their own languages. This has always been my roadblock when trying to find family members. We all speak different languages. With your site they just click a link and poof! They can read in their language. My 90 year old great-great-uncle can even get on and see everyone easily. He even cried when he heard from me. They have never spoken to their American counterparts. My grandmother is 80 years old and is able to communicate with her sister in the Ukraine. She has not seen her in almost 50 years. My aunts have never seen pictures of their own nieces and nephews. My grandmother never saw pictures of her great grandson. You have bought happiness to many people in my family. This is all happening at the perfect time so that we can utilize our most knowledgeable and wise older relatives before the information gets lost. This has also brought my immediate family much closer as we talk about old stories of remembering relatives. Thank you for creating this site. It is wonderful! I am singing your praises to everyone I meet, even the local genealogy society would like me to speak at their monthly meeting, about my experiences and your site is what got me going so you will be the talk of the evening.
Henderson, NV USA
Congratulations, MyHeritage is the best genealogy software that I know.
A. B. Valentini
Erechim RS, Brazil
A *Big Thank You* to all the team that put together this site. I have been trying to piece together my family for over 35 years and Smart Matches made it go past my wildest dreams. I love history and all the fascination around it. Thanks to MyHeritage.com, it has made a wonderful and really exciting hobby to really dig deep into. It also brings the family close together and has helped me let other family members see that life is short and we need to get past our differences and enjoy each other while we are alive.
D. Henry
North Lauderdale, FL, USA
I am happy to recommend your site to friends. In fact I recently did that, she was looking for an alternative to Ancestry's Family Tree Maker, and was more than happy with MyHeritage Family Tree Builder.
C. O'Grady
Getting into ancestry research, I've invested weeks of countless hours staring at the screen. I ran across your family search site and joined. The few extra dollars it costs to get the smart search is money well spent. Your search is so much simpler then the others I was using, I love it. I've made more headway in 2 days using it than I have in weeks with other sites. Thanks, I'm hooked.
M. Starling
This has become a true labor of love. I've recommended your site to hundreds of people through my blog.
East Peoria, IL, USA
I wish you to thank you for your program "Family Tree Builder". I many years am engaged in genealogy of my family. And I searched for a good program for registration of my family tree. I like your product "Family Tree Builder" the best. It is truly, in my opinion, the BEST WEB PROJECT in genealogy. Thanks you for your time. Sincerely yours,
V. Hordiyuk
I just wanted to thank you for your site. I have found connections that I haven't found after researching for years on other programs. Your program is easy for anyone to use. Keep up the great work.
T. Saturday
Crawfordville, USA
Through MyHeritage I have located a cousin in New Zealand. Even though the [connection] is five generations back, we keep up a regular chit-chat between Canada and NZ. Thank you so much once again.
S. Flower
St. Albert, Canada
I have just upgraded from the free version of FTB to the Premium version & just wanted to let you know how much I love FTB & the MyHeritage Family Tree website. It covers everything I need & at the same time remains easy to use without too much technical computer knowledge, which I believe is important for many people today as a lot of us older genealogists are not all computer wizards as the younger generations. I was previously using Legacy. I have just a few minutes ago discovered the connection from FTB places to Google maps while I was experimenting around. Fantastic addition!!! Thank you for a great product, I am sure it will only get better as time goes on. Kind Regards
T. McGurk
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
I just love your site as there are so many things that can be done on it, my sister in law was also impressed with it, she is going to do her partner's family tree & her late husband's tree for her kids & grandkids. Thanks for being so patient with me & with all the help you provided.
R. Whalen
Since I started genealogy searches over 12 years ago, and since joining MyHeritage only this spring, I have found many new relatives that I wouldn't have found otherwise using Smart Matches. I have had wonderful comments on my site as there are loads of photos of relatives, and that seems to be the best feature of my site. It is one thing to view lists of people and families, but to have a photo of the individuals makes it all the better. I initially started my site with about 2700 people and now have over 4460 since June 2008... Marvelous! Thanks for all you help
Paul Cockrill
Wilmot, Nova Scotia, Canada
I've found living distant relatives. All of you are really doing a wonderful job!
C. A. Carranza
I have found MyHeritage to be the best program for genealogy out there. It is extremely friendly to use, and has become an invaluable part of tracing my family tree, and meeting distant relatives. Thank you,
S. Bajkay
Pitt Meadows, Canada
I find MyHeritage program an excellent tool for developing a genogram. For many years, I have contemplated designing a genogram and had explored other non user friendly programs. I googled the world wide web browser in search for a user friendly program that would meet my need for a family systems class during coursework for my master's degree in counseling. I selected your website out of the many available sites and quickly learned that I didn't need to search any further. Downloading the FREE software onto my computer was a breeze! I am particularly impressed by the various reports and statistical data available in MyHeritage program. The individual website and invitations to family members is totally awesome! Thanks MyHeritage.com for making your FREE family tree program available to the public. Because of your program, I made a perfect score on my family systems genogram project.
B. Hidleburg
I think this is a great tool just for fun or for serious research of family. This is ideal for heritage purposes since the black families were so separated during and after slavery. Thank you so much.
P. Grooms
I love it!!!! This is a project (on paper) I have been dabbling in since I was 12. My father in law just recently started really talking about doing his family tree because his parents have passed away and most of the older generation who would have had lots of information...he doesn't realize I have a lot of the information he is worried was lost and now I can package it nicely with your program and plan to give it to him as a "living work" for his birthday! Thanks so much for your help.
J. Warrington
Bridgeville, DE, USA
Thank you so much for this site. I've punched in much of the information for my husband's parents' trees and for my own; I've received several "hits" of smart-matches. I used the links to contact the matches that seemed to be accurate and have started some e-mail correspondence with a couple of relatives! How wonderful! I know much of my own genealogy quite well as it's been an interest since I was a young girl. My husband found your site for me when I wanted to have a tool for making sense of his tree. We will be in Scotland this year and I wanted an idea of where the folks we'll be meeting all fit in!
R. P. MacLeod
I am astounded by the wonderful genealogy service you offer. The Family Tree Builder is the greatest!
P. Couch
Rock Island, TN, USA
Thanks for lovely programme. I have just uninstalled Legacy Deluxe and I had to pay for that one !!!!
Tony Humphreys
Letchworth, United Kingdom
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this site. It has actually helped me get in touch with some other members of the family.
E. Lambert
Thanks from Croatia. Many thanks for what I think is the best genealogical program. All the best,
I love the website and all the features included in it. I adore the Family Tree Builder program as well. It is extremely user friendly. I have been researching for 7 years and this program has tripled the size of my .ged file through the research feature. Once again I am in awe of your genealogy program. I think you guys are reading my mind at times as to what I need in a Genealogy program. GREAT JOB once again, and this just reassures me of my already 2 year subscription commitment to your website, desktop program and look forward to the next surprise....Thank you,
CJ Fox
Port Orange, FL, USA
I LOVE this product! When my grandmother passed away I took charge of all the family papers and promised to put together a genealogy for the family. Your program will allow me to print charts and reports that will really help them all to see how everyone is related. Thank you sooooo much for this great program!!!
L. Culberson
Tampa, Florida, USA
Thank you for offering those of us who are searching for our ancestors and who wish to build a family tree from all of our accumulated information a free site in which to do just that. So many sites say FREE, but really are not. I am having the time of my life and have found two smart matches to others looking for my line that I have never met. Thanks for offering such a fabulous site that is going to help so many and for keeping it FREE!
K. N. Mathias
Tennessee, USA
I just want you to know what a wonderful programme you have created. It is fascinating! I am able to find relatives that I did not know existed. I will recommend your software to anyone interested in their heritage. Many thanks.
A. Nissen
United Kingdom
I am thrilled to receive these smart matches as I am very new to it; and in awe of how fascinating it is to discover all the depth of each family. Also thank you for the birthday reminders, saves me forgetting someone and feeling embarrassed.
P. Slatyer
I got the program. I found my great-great-grandmother's death cert and have sent for a copy. Now I will have her birthday and be able to find more out about her now with a firm birth date to search with. This is exciting. Thank you!!
E. Erskine
I have chosen to use MyHeritage because the Family Tree Builder is a nice and intuitive tool to use. Thanks,
Jean-Christophe Ronnet
WOW! This program and utility is amazing! I can NOT believe how super simple it is to research and create a family tree with very little information in hand. This is simply above and beyond anything else I've seen on the web! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
R. Sloan
Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA
I'm trying to find words to express my satisfaction from your software and I'm not succeeding, so just want to say: Amazing software!
L. Solomon
Be’er Sheva, Israel
Sincere thanks for new version of Family Tree Builder from MyHeritage. I have installed it on my computer and I'm very pleased indeed. Greetings from Poland (Warszawa).
Tadeusz Patej
Warsaw, Poland
Love this site!!!!! Keep up the super ultra mega awesomeness! WAHOO!!!
Nathanael Hall
Chicago, IL, USA
Thank you very much, I have enjoyed using MyHeritage for a while now. I have found a lot of useful information on my family and friends. And I have loved to see my family tree grow everytime I use it.
L. Wagner
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
I present you a lot of congratulations for your site and the possibilities of it. The Smart Match feature is probably the most genius tool I use to dream about, to make searching in the Ancestors trees. Again, thank you!!!
M. Lacroix
I congratulate you on your endeavor to help all the budding genealogists out there who are looking for information on their family roots. Should be more like you out there helping people like myself amongst many others.
Y. Franks
The book report is great for a quick copy for family members. Family Tree Builder is the only program I have found with this type of report. The program is simple to use, even my kids can add information. Thanks for a great program.
J. A. Ritch
Waterloo, IA, USA
I have no idea how you let me access a free genealogy vehicle that is better than ones I have paid for. Your program is totally awesome, user friendly and fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! PS I love you!
B. Barber
Arroyo Grande, CA, USA
I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for what you have created such a large-scale project. I really like your program Family Tree Builder. Three-fold thanks to you!
V. Belousov
Your program is quite awesome! I just wanted to email my appreciation for such a great free and usable program that your staff has created. I have concluded that it is very user friendly, intuitive, and flexible compared to others costing $30 or more. Thanks and know that your company’s work is greatly appreciated. I have been working on your program and site and have been quite fascinated to use such a decent program for something much needed... Free, is obviously a good thing, but I will surely help support your company in the future when needed as best I can.
A. Jones
I really love your site it's very sophisticated and excellent.;)
K. Price
I wanted to use the occasion to express my greatest respect and gratitude for your work. Having worked in IT for more than 20 years, I can truly say that this is one of the best software packages I have ever seen, be they commercial or not. It is so intuitive to use, extremely stable and reliable. And with the report writer in full version you can generate representative reports in no time. Well done! I keep recommending your little masterpiece to anyone I come across, especially of course my relatives. Please, keep on doing this. It’s a great service to humanity!
T. Wohlwend
Lucerne, Switzerland
Thanks for this lead. I have made contact with a section of the family that I was not aware of and thank you for it. It is a very useful service.
J. Wood
I downloaded your free version and I must be honest. I was astounded by the easy way that your application can be used. Just great. I was a teacher in system development for a few years, your site does what it says. It fulfills what it promises. Lovely. Congratulations with this great application and making it free available. This is what computing should be. Open and easy in use.
E. Urlings
The Netherlands
A few days ago I started on a Family tree using your software. I have already added 500 members and must say that it is one of the best genealogy software I have used. Keep up the good work !!
Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe
Sri Lanka
I have enjoyed your website! Almost half of my day was spent on your website. I grant you that having this kind of website will make people think about their whole family. I am writing this feedback about how you show help and gratitude to your costumers. For how many years I spent looking for a Website, this is the first time I have seen a Website like this! Thanks for all. Your proud customer,
M. Rait
I recently downloaded your package and have been extremely impressed with its level of sophistication and ease of use. As a past database designer and project manager, I can appreciate the work that has gone into creating this product.
A. Aukland
My most sincere thanks and praise for developing and putting on the internet the best free genealogy program I have ever seen, and the best family tree publishing site that I have ever seen. These definitely rival the best paid programs out on the internet and available in stores. Your efforts and generosity in making this available to everyone, even those who may not have the extra money to pay for such a package, is very much appreciated. Our family sends all of you the very best wishes and most sincere thanks.
R. C. Williamson
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
I discovered your genealogical product after a long seeking of an appropriate package for genealogical research. I am very impressed and excited about the high professional approach you achieved with this product. Issues like face recognizing, tagging/linking pictures with persons, the very effective display of the genealogical tree and the well elaborated concept for managing the web community are some of the ones I appreciated.
G. Petrineanu
Your site is a very good tool for genealogy. Especially to find others members in our family. Thank you very much.
Gilles Lepage
Le Havre, France
Being a Dutch user of MyHeritage I have interested my USA relatives to join and update the tree where needed. With the Research tool of MyHeritage I found my grandfather's father and so the search began we only knew until our grandfather and that he was Dutch. Now we know that:
* The frisbee was invented by a close relative family member
* We might be descendents of a Scottish king
* We have german, dutch, and indonesian roots
* We found more distant relatives in Denmark, Netherlands, Indonesia and USA.
The best part is that starting around christmas(2008) until now (jan 2009) in not more than a month we grew from 50 known relatives to 450 relatives by just searching online and using MyHeritage.
V. Ophof
Maassluis, The Netherlands
Thanks to your brill site I have found my lost family. We are in contact and it's great, apart from that I just love the site, I have found so much about our family. Thanks again. Yours in debt,
K. Rutter
Chambers, Deyermond, United Kingdom
I must say that the MyHeritage program has been so easy to use, flexible and forgiving of my mistakes. Well done. I intend to spread the word that this is the one to use for your family tree.
M. Campbell
I just wish to pass on my thanks to you for allowing me to use your program, it is excellent and I am getting to use a lot more of its potential. Again many thanks,
J. McDonell
You guys are amazing. Your response is so quick and most of the stuff you provide is free. I don't know how you do that. I love you all. You've been such a blessing to me and my family. Touched,
C. Denton
New Zealand
Found your site...awesome! It was clean, precise and quick.... You found things I had not been able to in previous searches. And actually found an item on my mother's side....never before able to crack.
M. Simpson
I think it is the best software I have found for genealogy work.
K. Brill
I am finding a few folks here on MyHeritage that really ARE distant cousins and they are also putting me in touch with others. Not only I want to have this family tree for my own family and my grandchildren, but after I have my ancestors all chronicled my goal is to write a book on my maternal grandfather. Your site is a real bonus for me in so many ways! Not only in creating my family tree but in the ability you have given me to connect with many distant cousins and gather information about my ancestors.
Vancouver, Canada
The software is excellent and I have used it for almost 2 years now with great success!
K. Gottlieb
Your site is great. Thank you very DUTCH.
F. Kok
The Netherlands
Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful program and its capabilities.
H. Teerds
The Netherlands
Your site is quite remarkable. I have quit using genealogy.com and use your site exclusively. I am more than pleased with what it provides.
T. Ladusau
Irving, TX, USA
I am very pleased with this great product. It is hard to believe it comes as a freeware.
Budapest, Hungary
The site is so wonderful for those of us trying to reconnect with our family heritage and history. We deeply appreciate all the work that the staff at MyHeritage has put into it. The quality of support is, obviously, unmatched.
R. E. Bowers
Hackett, Arkansas, USA
MyHeritage is amazing. I have never seen anything like it. I have only used it for a couple of days but I am so impressed with what it can do.
L. Uvanni
Tampa, Florida, USA
I just signed up a few days ago, and prior to finding your site, have looked at and or tried 3 others. Yours by far is the coolest system. I love the "Smart Match" & have already been linked to some matches. Also, the way the "cards" are set up is great.
K. Curtis
White Bluff, Tennessee, USA
I'm new to genealogy, but you sure have made it easy. I just wanted to give you a big ATABOY!!!!!!!!!!
A. E. "Gene" Culbreth
Gainesville, FL, USA
Congratulations to all, is really fun and thanks to you, very exciting. I discovered things of my a-great-grandparents of which I had not the slightest idea! Many dear greetings to you and to the whole team.
M. Buttarelli
I would like to thank you for this wonderful site! Most of my close family has passed away and I wanted to record and hopefully find some distant relatives. I just recently joined your site and started inputting my info and already found some of my grandfather's brother's family.
D. Maxwell
I can't believe how good software you made it's amazing! It is so easy to use, so colorful and nice looking, and free if there is some account to help this software development you should put it so we can see, this is worth of giving you some money. Just wanted to say BRAVO!
Kraljevo, Serbia
I want to thank you for a wonderful opportunity that MyHeritage has given me. I am slowly getting younger members of my tree to join me in updating various areas. Your Family tree builder is also very easy to follow.
J. Foote
Cheshire, United Kingdom
I downloaded the program and it is a lot nicer to use than Family Tree Maker. I really like the way the family tree is listed and it is very easier to navigate within the program. I am using it more than Family Tree Maker because of the ease of use.
M. Shain
I just finished using your software to create my family tree. It's an amazing tool!! I’ve tried almost a dozen of them, and yours has been the easiest (AND MOST INTUITIVE!!!)
A. Gupta
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am doing a project for our family reunion in December, and I thought that I would not be able to continue. Your timing is FLAWLESS! Your company's credibility with me just went "through the roof", and I'll recommend this company to everybody now. Many thanks to all you brilliant people who created Family Tree Builder. It's the best and sweetest program I've ever worked with! God Bless You All.
M. Conte
Townsend, DE, USA
I sent a message to someone thru MyHeritage asking a question about a smart match. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from her. Turns out we are distant cousins. She sent me tons of family info that I would not have found without smart match. In return I sent her some old family photos. We continue to stay in touch now. Thank you for this wonderful service that has helped me find more relatives and to make a new friend.
S. Clark
Arkansas, USA
Thank you for your excellent program. I have started tracing my family tree on my father's side. Your program has been invaluable to me in allowing me to add generations, make changes to the tree and it is a pleasure to use.
C. Nelson
Sydney, Australia
I just wanted to thank you guys for putting together such an amazing program. I downloaded the Family Tree Builder and am so happy to finally be able to map out my family and explain it all to my fiancée and to map hers out since I could never keep it straight myself. This is a great program and I am very happy to have found it.
V. Dhanaraj
Bayonne, NJ, USA
Just a line to say how brilliant I think your site is...I have tried so many family tree sites, trying to get the layout I like, and lo and behold I find you. Thank you so much.
J. Sherrington
United Kingdom
I am a firm believer of the Internet as an accelerant to genealogical research. I converted to MyHeritage.com from GenCirles.com about a year ago (mid-2008) as the best way to exchange facts between far-flung members concerning our common ancestors. As MyHeritage expanded its automated Smart Matching to allow members to personally merge data from other family trees, I began to shed my ties with Family Tree Maker 2008 and 2009 editions. Recently, I merged the complete tree of a new-found relative in another county (and language). So I found a 4th cousin and hundreds or facts I found nowhere else. This demonstrated the marvelous transportability of MyHeritage's growing database. I am so happy I found this revolutionary development in genealogy and family-to-family sharing.
Terry Dean Oscar Romstad
Chesterfield, MO, USA
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This will be the hit of the family reunion next weekend.
R. Hinderliter
Tulsa, OK, USA
I have been using MyHeritage.com and family tree builder for some time now and I think it is great.
A. Schipper
The Netherlands
I have to tell you how excited I am about the site, my links that I have found, and the history I am recovering. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
N. Wyatt
I have been using the Family Tree builder since last May when I started to research my family. It is very easy to use and I like it a lot. You have lots of useful features on it like photo tagging.
M. Skolnick
United Kingdom
I found some Smart Matches (way cool!!!) in someone else's tree and have contacted them about it. I used to use Family Tree Maker, your product is so much better!
T. Lamb
McHenry County, USA
I am using the Family Tree Builder and having a fabulous time researching and documenting my family tree.
S. Baggett
Georgetown, TX, USA
This is the neatest thing I have come across in any genealogy program I have seen. Keep up the good work. The site is also very easy to use and so is the software. Keep on doing what you are doing and grow with it.
P. Steenbergen
Adolphus, Kentucky, USA
I have downloaded your family tree builder, and it is amazing! I've tried dozens of other programs, and this is the first that will give the user a full genealogical report about his/her full family tree! Also, I like the photo option, especially the fact that it allows you to scan in both sides of a picture. I've spent a very long time looking for the perfect program that I can devote worthwhile time and work into, and it looks like this is the one!
Wisconsin, USA
This site is amazing! Technology is so incredible. I can't wait for all of my family members to join up.
B. Ratliff
Berea, Kentucky, USA
I have been using your Family Tree maker software for the past several days and I LOVE IT! I have entered over 800 family members and almost 200 different families.
R. Fortier
Seattle, Washington, USA
Hello! I have downloaded and installed your family tree builder software, and absolutely love it. I've taken up genealogy as a hobby, and have researched and found information on over 150 family and ancestors.
R. Hetherington
Independence, Missouri, USA
I have received some of the greatest tech support from you. It does not even compare to the support I received not too long ago when I was using Family Tree Maker - it was very poor as they often could not resolve problems that were not difficult.
R. Hernandez
Dublin, CA, USA
I would like to congratulate the excellent site, and My Family Tree Builder software. I love this program and I use it almost every week.
R. Aguiar
I love your software. Sincerely yours, your customer and "One Happy Camper/User in Michigan!"
J. Gilchrist
Utica, Michigan, USA
I wish to express you greater gratitude to your experts on genealogy and professional programmers who with huge hobby created this product. I searched for a long time for such an opportunity and such a family tree program cleanly casually it have found and is simple I can admire with this further.
C. Cojocaru
I have had so much fun with this site ...thank you all for the great place for amateur genealogists to get their feet wet......
K. Jones
Sarasota, FL, USA
MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is a superior one in Genealogy Programs. It is very good presentation.
A. Rida
Calicut, India
I love your site. I am so glad you are helping me find and document my relatives. I knew I had to enroll as a premium member to ensure that you continue your valuable work for our people. Thanks to your site and software, I have been able to easily organize what I knew, discover new living relatives, find more information on those long gone, make easy to read charts to share, and easily provide my information to Beth Hatefutsot.
M. Resnick
Atlanta, GA, USA
I think your free family tree is a delight and thank you for this opportunity (for someone like me) to delve into family research... Greetings from a misty Yorkshire.
F. Watson
Ossett, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
It is not often that developers can respond and correct issues as fast as you did. Thanks so much for your outstanding service. Just so that you know, I actively promote the MyHeritage FTB to any of my acquaintances that are involved in this kind of research – excellent customer service should have its rewards!
T. Penner
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
I would like to commend you on the fantastic website you have created. I began my family tree on your website in February of this year and so far it has been building tremendously. I learnt about your site from my husband's cousin who also did their family tree. I invited my family members to the site in order for them to put in their information which made it much easier for me (and others too) to keep track of our growing family.
M. Ali-Mohammed
Trinidad and Tobago
Thank you so much! This was my first experience with Smart Matches, so I just want to say I am so impressed. Most of the matches were very helpful and I've contacted several tree owners, already. I am excited about MyHeritage.com more than ever before!
M. Harris
Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA
I absolutely love your site! MyHeritage.com and the Family Tree Builder have been such a blessing in tracing my father's side of the family, and keeping organized, efficient records. I love how you can associate pictures with certain events, as it has proven useful when keeping scanned documents connected to their appropriate person. I tell everyone I can about this very user-friendly and yet, highly complex program. Deepest gratitude,
K. Larrabee
Detroit, Michigan, USA
I have been working on Ancestry.com and then came upon your site. What a refreshing modern look. This is site is absolutely beautiful! I love, love, love it. Your group is absolutely genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
C. Kremer
Texas, USA
This is a really awesome piece of software you got here. I LOVE IT! I like it better than Family Tree Maker. You have so many options that FTM doesn't and some very neat features. I really like the layout and the fact that you can create a book with it. WAY TO GO!
P. Roberts
I have always been interested in genealogy but I have never found an easy way to keep track of it. My mother recently came to visit, and I asked her to bring as much family history as possible. She spent about 3 weeks getting information from my grandmothers and great aunts etc. When she was here, we spent several nights pouring over the information and entering it into your program. I have to say that the experience and results were amazing. We had a real bonding experience and I didn't find a single problem with your software. In fact it surpassed my expectations in every regard. The most amazing thing was the smart matches that started coming up. It really validates your efforts and shows that you are on the right track. I am not one to write to companies about their software (good or bad), so this message really means a lot. Thank you for creating this software. I will be buying the premium package for sure - it is worth every penny and then some.
G. Rutledge
I have found your program to be very useful and with many features that would make it a keeper.
R. Coon
Ontario, OH, USA
Thank You! I just want to thank everyone that has anything to do with this website. I have enjoyed it so much since I joined. I plan to enjoy it more and get other family members involved. I will be a walking commercial from now on. Thank you again.
G. Strickland
Youngsville, NC, USA
I have to say that your site is the best tree builder I've come across.
W. Cadd
Melbourne, Australia
I just want to say thank you for this site as this gives me a chance to fill in the blanks of my life, as my family means a lot to me and I start to feel more complete again, THANK YOU.
S. Beer
Nobleton, Ontario, Canada
I am really proud helping you because I like very much your activity and your work. I think MyHeritage is one of the most powerful set of highly professional software I ever have known. Additionally I was looking by years for a digital tool in order to build my Family Tree and the history of my family, and MyHeritage is a lot more than I had imagined.
E. Finot
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
My computer crashed as result of a Trojan Horse virus. Thank God for MyHeritage. At least thousands of hour of work are not lost, which would have been the case had I not discovered this program.
T. Schultz
Marietta GA, USA
I would like to share how wonderful this site has been to connect with my family and distant relatives. This site was helpful especially when I organized a surprise birthday party for our Dad just this January. He was happy to see his aunt and cousins. He was surprised I was able to call them. I was able to do it by referring to our MyHeritage website. It was a very emotional moment for him... and for us.
T. Medel
What excellent software, congratulations!
O. Orellana
I think your site is excellent and very helpful. The one thing I love is the reminders for birthdays which have been a big help this year.
L. Allen
I am a satisfied user of Family Tree Builder and am very grateful for your product allowing me to easily store and organize my genealogic information in such an attractive format. Thank you very much for your kind attention and receive once more my sincere congratulations for your excellent product.
G. M. Villacañas
Hello and thank you for my first experience into the wonders of genealogy. You have made it so easy for me with my own site. Again I would like to thank you for MYHERITAGE.
O. Palmer
Hull, United Kingdom
I want to start with a big thank you! Because the program Family Tree Builder is perfect! Just the program we needed. My grandmother and I were quite busy with making a book about the family history. But now we don't need a book, we put everything into Family Tree Builder.
A. de Graaf
The Netherlands
I would like to thank you for your valuable service on family tree creation – development and execution.
Mustafa OZKAN
Bravo!! The MyHeritage experience has really been my best internet experience by far – and now even in Afrikaans! I congratulate and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
J. Snyman
Gauteng, South Africa
I have used the free programme to set out my wife's family tree and would say that it is the most easy to use for its purpose that I have found, you certainly have a very good product.
M. Ratcliff
United Kingdom
I would like to express my gratitude for this wonderful tool that you have provided me with. I could have never built my family tree without this help (I have accomplished a task that I have been trying to do so for years!). This is just to let you know that I am very grateful, as well as satisfied, with the possibilities that this site offers me. This is a real gift. Thank you so much.
C. Defelippe
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I want to express my thanks that you have offered the opportunity to us to be able to create this wonderful instrument which serves us so that our families will have greater knowledge about our ancestors and can know more of their relatives.
Victor Manuel Arenas Astengo
Thank you for this!! This website is amazing! I am still in the preliminary stages of building up our family's tree. Having members be able to contribute is fabulous. I came upon this site while trying to learn about my families names and histories and decided to start my own for future generations. Thank you.
R. Higgins
North Bay, Canada
I am writing to express my satisfaction with the program MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. For several years collecting data and family, I have been using several programs, but I found it easiest to use, especially if we consider that by my age I have come late to new technology. The ease of operation and the major options that have the program, both for data entry, linking, ways to include pictures, etc.., I not only have served to me, but I was with them that relatives who were not concerned about anything by Genealogy, when I made them share it by sending the program and have seen that he could navigate with complete ease, have appreciated this hobby as they had not done before, even send data and pictures other relatives who would not otherwise have obtained, and it gives me the assurance that others will continue this exciting work. I want to congratulate you on the program, while I appreciate that you can disseminate to families and serve it to others to continue the work that began with so much enthusiasm.
C. M. Calvo
Seville, Spain
Your Smart Matching enabled me to trace my wife's ancestry back sixteen generations to Eilert Lubben who was born about 1470. Before smart matching I could only trace back to her Grandfather.
J. Porter
Thanks so much for this great site. I had to develop a simple family tree for a school project and your site made it so easy. I am in Year 4 (9 years old) and all my friends said mine was the best. My teacher gave me top marks.
O. Hodgson
I could not avoid writing to congratulate you for what you have done. I recommend this wonderful page to everyone I know and your products since they are a wonder.
J. A. Moyano
Wow! I love it. I'm a web designer/programmer myself, and I think you guys have done an excellent job on the site. Fantastic… overall, an excellent and intuitive design. Keep up the great work! With a family as big as mine (I've already uploaded 50 families and 178 people), it's a great way to stay on top of birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the like. And the ancillary features like recipes, comments, photo albums are excellent as well.
C. Ragas
I have recently discovered Family Tree Builder, and must say it is the best I have seen! It is far superior to the other 2 genealogy software programs I used prior to your one. Congratulations! I'm glad I found you, and will tell all my friends about it!
R. Langston
Otago, New Zealand
Let me congratulate you/your team, I think it’s a great program and I’m finding it fun and relatively easy to use, there are so many features, especially the smart matching, etc. has been very handy and filled in a few gaps for me. Again, thank you for developing a great program.
C. Chu
Many thanks for this program you created. I am sure you are a group of specialists who put a great amount of hours and effort to give life to this Beautiful Program for the family and for the people who create them. I have already incorporated several members of my extended family, and they have contributed data that I did not have. That was very valuable for me. It is essential when you begin and after you discover the familial groupings. You have helped me discover new and interesting worlds. A Thousand Thanks, a brotherly salute.
Esperanza B. Munoz S.
Viña del mar, chile
IT WORKS!!! I added a new PDF, published the whole thing and now I have all the PDF’s on the web. I am a very happy customer. I had a very nice experience this morning which I think you will like to hear about: A German friend of mine helped me to translate some letters of my great-uncles so that I may add them to my site for all the family to see. I wanted to show my friend how they look like on MyHeritage site. I just added her as a member so she could log into my site and view the result. When talking to her, she explained to me that her father-in-law had also created a “magnificent” genealogy tree using Geni, and that it was wonderful and exciting. A few minutes after she entered my site on MyHeritage, she called me and said that she was fascinated by the site, and it was totally incomparable to the Geni “primitive” functionality. First of all, the site automatically presented itself to her in the German language and the presentation of the tree and documents are far better than those of Geni. I congratulate you and your staff on a successful product. Luckily for me I chose to immediately start with MyHertitage and not with some other 2nd class product.
D. Oren
My congratulations to the product development and management team of MyHeritage for the extraordinary achievement. This software program represents finest state of the art reflecting comprehensive intelligence and handling effectiveness.
E. R. Wallmann
Kiev, Ukraine
Thanks for all the good you are doing for mankind. MyHeritage has bonded and brought back dignity into our family after years of apartheid oppression where our family was torn apart by racial prejudice. May the good Lord bless you and your company.
L. Magobotla
South Africa